Outbreak Strikes CONUS: New H3N2v Variant Spreading Human to Human

The Intel Hub
Shepard Ambellas

Note: The following topic is under heavy investigation, no conclusions have been made at this time. We do not yet know the full extent of the variation (mutation). No one has died from the strain at this time. It is also worth noting that this may be more scare tactics in order to further push and pad the pockets of the vaccine industry.

The CDC in Atlanta admits 12 people in 5 states have been infected, as the virus is now possibly transmitting on a human-to-human level.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the new H3N2v Virus has struck in 5 states in the CONUS (Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Pennsylvania and West Virginia), and contains a mutation variant of the 2009 H1N1 “Swine Flu” signaling the possibility of weaponization.

Backtracking to 2009, the H1N1 was deemed one of the most violent flu outbreaks in years — killing over 13,000 in the United States as people raced to the local Wal-Mart Super Center to get injected with the latest untested and fast-tracked toxic cocktail of death. (vaccine)

Although the flu was classified as novel, the fact remains that due to pandemic provisions implemented by former President George W. Bush and extended by the current Obama administration, in conjunction with the World Health Organization, the United States is technically under  Pandemic Level 6 (silent martial law) until March of 2012 which gives the UN powers within the United States by way of treaty.

In essence. PDD51 has been primed.

According to reports, the new outbreak might have spread from pig to human.

Journal Star article excerpt reads;

Still, livestock producers fear consumers may believe  (unjustifiably) they can get a potentially lethal disease from eating pork. Flu is transmitted through droplets of infected body fluids when people cough, sneeze or talk.

“It’s always something that we need to keep an eye on, that it doesn’t get more severe or spread more quickly,” Liz Wagstrom, chief veterinarian with the National Pork Producers Council, which has offices in Des Moines, Iowa, and Washington. “It’s very important the public understand you can’t get flu from eating pork.”

During the H1N1 pandemic, China and Russia closed their markets to U.S. pork and industry revenue was estimated to have fallen by nearly $2.2 billion in the last eight months of 2009, according to the council. The H1N1 strain contained genetic material from five different flu viruses, including North American swine and bird flu and two swine flu viruses found in Europe and Asia.

Federal agencies have openly admitted they are not referring to the new H3N2v strain as “Swine Flu”, showing signs early on of a cover-up at hand.

The article continued to read;

“We are aware of the pork industry’s concerns,” said Jeff Dimond, an agency spokesman, in an interview. CDC has “gone overboard” not to use the description, he said.

The new virus, called H3N2v, contains a gene from the 2009 variant, according to the CDC. The agency is “taking this situation very seriously” and has increased surveillance in areas where cases occurred, according to a Dec. 9 CDC report. As a precaution, a candidate vaccine has been developed and provided to manufacturers so they can begin production if necessary, according to the report.

A CDC spokesperson was quoted saying;

“This thing could get legs, so to speak”

A write-up by Top Secret Writers mentioned the fact that scientists have created a new H5N1 weaponized version, by open admission, stating;

However, it’s important not to forget that scientists have created a new strain of H5N1 (bird flu) that is extremely contagious and deadly.

So deadly, in fact, that the government has asked scientists to leave details out of their reports that cover how the virus was mutated, in order to prevent the information from being used by bioterrorists.

One scientist, virologist Ron Fouchier, said it is “one of the most dangerous viruses you can make.”

Paul Keim, chair for the U.S. National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity, said of the virus, “I can’t think of another pathogenic organism that is as scary as this one.”

His previous work was on anthrax, which he said isn’t scary at all compared to this new virus mutation.

The write up went on to ask the question — Could the 1918 flu epidemic happen again?

According to the SF Gate, Dr. Charles Chiu, head of the viral diagnostics laboratory at UCS stated;

“It’s better that we know what’s happening earlier rather than be surprised like we were with the 2009 pandemic, which came out of the blue…. We haven’t seen the emergence of, say, a new pandemic strain of influenza…. But we’ve been getting these worrisome trickles of reports. And these little stories are all reminders that influenza still poses a big threat, a global threat.”

The article goes on to promote the flu shot, also mentioning that the new strains might be resistant to vaccinations.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world a January 5th AP report states;

Vietnam has culled more than 2,500 chickens from a farm in the Mekong Delta area in an effort to contain a bird flu outbreak, officials said Thursday, amid heightened fears about the virus in the region.

Tests were carried out after several of the animals were found dead at a poultry farm in the district of Binh Phu, southern Vietnam, said Thai Quoc Hieu, deputy director of animal health in Tien Giang province.

The Intel Hub reported last week in an article entitled, Hong Kong Avian Outbreak – Kickoff to the Globalist Diabolic Agenda?;

Consistent gearing-up from governments worldwide toward pandemic preparedness at rapid rates since 2009 have been taking place behind the scenes as it has been documented that American government has prepared mass graves for U.S. citizens in case of a major catastrophic event such as a nuclear disaster or flu pandemic.

An chunk of a recent Time artice reads;

In fact, what unfolds with H3N2v could be similar to what happened in 1977, when H1N1 flu viruses suddenly re-emerged — possibly through a lab accident — after a 20-year absence. The new H1N1 infected mostly younger people who had never been exposed to a similar flu strain before, while older people proved more resistant.

Just in case things get worse, the CDC is looking to create a vaccine for the new H3N2v. Hopefully we won’t need it — but as the furor over man-made killer H5N1 flu viruses and the emergence of a new pandemic just three years ago shows, there are no guarantees with the flu.

The fact that it has now been openly admitted that the CDC is trying to keep a lid on this situation is concerning to say the least.

The not so distant future could appear as a bad scene from the newly released Hollywood thriller “Contagion.” Released at an opportune time, the movie views like a poorly crafted Psy-Op. Take a look for yourself.

The movie, possibly planted as a precursor to what the government already knows, contains what is known as “predictive programming”. The Intel Hub will continue to report on this matter as we gain information.

Hopefully the powers that shouldn’t be (the elite) have not yet released the hard kill that so many of their documents dance around through strategic wording and the purposeful use of vague wording within the many laws and regulations that cover pandemic preparedness and continuity of government.

Remeber potbelly globalists do want us all dead.

Will they go hot with it, or exterminate us over the next 50 years slowly with deadly poisons and cancers?