Have You Had a Bloodly Nose Lately?

Well since this Japan Radiation I have been told by a great group of people that they are getting Nose Bleeds all of a sudden. Could it be from radioactive material that is floating in the air? Here are the symptoms for about 250-600 rems

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, epilation (loss of hair), weakness, malaise, vomiting of blood, bloody discharge from the bowels or kidneys, nose bleeding, bleeding from gums and genitals, subcutaneous bleeding, fever, inflammation of the pharynx and stomach, and menstrual abnormalities. Marked destruction of bone marrow, lymph nodes and spleen causes decrease in blood cells especially granulocytes and thrombocytes.

Could this just be a weird coincidence? If things start getting worse then I know it has to be caused from this invisible killer: Radiation! The EPA set up these detectors to let us know if the levels get too high but from past experience (BP Oil Spill) They said the harmful “clean up” chemical COREXIT was fine for the food, water and the citizens. But that turned out to be a complete lie! And all it did was give people sores, made some die and others deathly sick but didn’t clean it up just made it sink to the bottom. So who do you trust? 2012 doesn’t seem so bad because this radiation and toxic chemicals will be killing us slowly and painfully.

This is a LINK from God-Like-Productions. They also have been having random nose bleeds since March 18.. Seems like too many people are having these to be just a “normal” thing but I have a great sense that this is either from Chemtrails and or combination of Radioactive fallout from Japan. Things are only going to get worse and they need to cover the reactors with cement before we are all poisoned to DEATH! Ill be updating this page more as I find out more information on this topic..