How Does Your Hair Affect Your Connection With Spirit?

tumblr_inline_mt6vu8bmIj1r76tgwBy Jesse Ann Nichols George

How important is your hair to you? What is your hair telling you? Is hair about more than just looking and feeling good about ourselves?

Hair has often gotten wrapped into vanity and superficial attributes. However, if we look into mythology and culture, what we really find is that hair has played an important role in strength, survival, personal power, being a source of attraction. After all, anyone that has worked on personal development, law of attraction, or other such systems realizes that attraction is much more than looking good.

We have only to look at our ancient Egyptian cultures, Indian Trackers, and some of the Eastern cultures to realize that hair has much more happening than being a source of attraction. All of these realize that there is more happening with hair, an actual real and genuine connection to Spirit and Divine Source itself. In all three of these cultural incidences there is an acknowledgement of this connection.

Science has been beginning to make the connection that the hair we have is actually a form of an antennae for Spiritual Energy. It is being discovered that hair has the ability to send and receive energy. Some have come to honor this energy and some have come to fear it.

Eyptian cultures made a direct correlation between strong and longer hair with power and strength. Indian Trackers found that once their hair was cut, they had no ability to track or receive intuitive messages that kept them protected, and some Eastern cultures or sects have requested women’s hair to be covered because of the fear of the power they would receive if their hair was exposed – which has in some groups been seen as a major threat to the patriarchal rule.

This opens us to realizing that hair care is so much more than just beauty. LaOta Roussell is one of a few trained energy workers that has trained on an ancient technique called “The Pyramid Cut” which has ancient roots. It is a process of respecting how we cut our hair in order to provide it with health, and increase the energy flow of this major spiritual transmitter. She is known as a hair healer.

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