Hungery Follows Iceland Plan Dealing With the Banksters and Corporate Gangsters

What is more of a threat to our liberties then standing armies is the banking cartel and the corporate oligarchy. These corporations and the Bankers seek to have a monopoly over a commodity or some thing the people need crushing any form of competition that will rival their control.

Iceland broke up the banking cartel monopoly on the money supply because it had a choke hold on their economy. When central banks have a monopoly of issuing and controlling the value of the currency creating debt slavery. The Iceland economy was in near ruin. The people of Iceland took back control from the bankers and said no to a debt the nation did not owe. They arrested the bankers and the agents in the government. Now the economy is rebounding since the bankers are no longer in control.

Now the county of Hungary threw out the IMF and Monsanto. Both of these corporate entities are seen and been proven to be a real threat to the republics’ sovereignty. Monsanto products making people sick eating GMO food. This multinational corporation trying to have a monopoly on the food supply and the seed distribution. Monsanto can be linked to killing livestock and the death of honey bees. I give kudos to Hungry, I hope other nations follow their lead throwing out these monopolies out of their countries.

Hungary also is throwing out the IMF was another good move. Everywhere the IMF has been involved. Nations are under crushing debt ruining the economies to poverty. The people of Hungary better be aware of foreign agents coming trying to destabilize the nation trying to overthrow the government so the ruling class can install a banker and corporate puppet putting the people back in debt slavery. We need more anti banker and anti monopoly insurrections around the world to defeat these oligarchs.

The truth is the world is waking up to the fraud of the banking cartel and the ruling families who control them. I see the day of these multinational oligarchs days bullying nations is coming to an end. The world is waking up to the threat these robber barons pose to the well being and security of their future. One of these days, they will mess with the wrong leader who will not be intimidated by these Robber Barons.

The day is coming when there will be a worldwide manhunt for these robber barons and their puppets for committing crime against humanity and fraud. The more nations who that stand up to these oligarchs, the choke hold these bankers have on the world will weaken. English writer and philosopher Edmund Burke said” in order for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing” The good men of Hungary, stand your ground no matter what.

The Private central bank is an injustice that must be dealt with and defeated. I pray the Hungarian people stand their ground and not be intimidated by the Robber Barons. Do not cower of the threat of civil wars or economic depression. Do jot budge an inch for them nor compromise. They have nothing left to lose and everything to gain saying “hell no”

We are seeing the beginning of the end to the banking cartel around the world. The world sees them for what they are. that is pure wickedness and evil. The bankers do not have the luxury of controlling information and stealth as they did in the past. Their arrogance will be their demise in the end. At this point Iceland proved the bankers can be defeated. The people of Hungary should see this as hope fore the future.