‘Hidden’ groups to save humanity, or just PSYOP disinformation?

How-To-Buy-a-Mens-SuitBy: Carl Herman

Many sources claim insider information of imminent large-scale action to unleash Earth into a Golden Age (here, here, here, here, among many).

I read such information, for I know insiders working to build a brighter future. While some seem plausible, I have no easy way to verify much of the information. Among my colleagues, none of us know with certainty who is doing what behind the scenes, or what will happen when.

Therefore, I suggest three responses from the 99%:

  1. As always, trust/have faith that Life is fair, loving, and moving forward, as artistically communicated in our 1-minute video, METAPHORmosis. Recognize the severe limitations of human perception, and stand for your deepest spiritual values (focus and practice, of course, helps).
  2. Until we win to expose and end “emperor has no clothes” obvious crimes in war and money, it’s just another day at our activists’ offices.
  3. PSYOPs are active and will generate disinformation; most commonly among the six corporate-media outlets. False hope thwarts activism by having people wait for someone else to act, and fosters discouragement when promised events never occur.

I am as willing as the next debt-slave for Earth’s tragic-comic criminal history of vicious antagonism to be recognized and ended. I do my best to explain and document the largest crimes that should cause military to reject unlawful wars and law enforcement to arrest War Criminals. I do my best to expose financial fraud that transfers trillions of the 99%’s wealth to a criminal 1% (a fraction of 1%, really), and document obvious solutions in money, credit, and CAFR funds. I do my best to research and understand what’s really happening on our planet, what our real history is, and what potential we have (here, here, here, among many I find helpful).

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