The "Hidden" Inflation… In Food Packaging

Ever since the last “recession” and the huge bailouts that were given to corporations by the government was only the beginning of something much worse! It’s Here People!! The depression, hyper-inflation and the upcoming food crisis that the whole world will face starting off with America! Trust me people! Ever since the Nuclear disaster in Japan our food supply have never been more threatened than ever! They already found radiation in Milk, Strawberries and all the other naturally growing foods including fish, chicken and beef.. Our government doesn’t want to admit it yet but there is always a cover-up involving these natural disasters. It already has been labeled way worse than Chernobyl and schools in Korea have been closing due to radioactive rain..

The weird part about this is that California has twice as much radiation than Korea; so this rain is toxic and maybe that explains all the recent storms we had…. This is not part of this hidden inflation scam by the corporations but Japan will be used as an excuse to raise the prices even higher of commodities in the United States..Gold and Silver have been rising rapidly and our Dollar is only getting worse. Many countries have and are in agreements to get rid of the U.S Dollar as the Reserve Currency… Soon as that happens you can bet our economy is going to crash way worse than the Great Depression of 1929… Food and Gas will be almost impossible to come-by without spending your entire check just to get by each day… Why is it that our checks never increase? But our work-load does? If minimal wage was up to the standards as the government stated we would all be making at-least twenty dollars an hour. So is that a conspiracy or what?

Enough of me talking about the future of America.. Now here is the real conspiracy.. The secret weapon to this hyperinflation which is occurring right now! Just look in your local convenience store, shopping mall or pretty much any store that sells products.. Start looking at the package sizes/shapes and products in the packaging… You will notice that they are smaller than what they “use” to be and there is less product in the bag… Like most potato chip bags today, It’s filled with mostly air! Tuna Cans, Soda Bottles, Cartons, and couple other things have been proven that these companies are “tricking” us by packaging and expecting us by not reading the label and think it’s the same amount of product for a “little” higher price because of this bad economy… NOT! Our economy is way worse than the government want’s you to think.. Tell your friends and family!!

Consumer Reports recent study found packing reductions of up to 20 percent. For example, Ivory dish detergent shrank from its 30 oz. bottle to a new 24 oz. bottle due to increased costs for raw materials, according to a customer service representative. And Häagen Dazs ice cream’s 16 oz. container shrank to a 14 oz. container due to the cost of ingredients and facility costs. It was either change the size of the container or raise the price, according to customer service.

Here are some of Consumer Reports findings:

Tropicana orange juice: 64 oz. container is now 59 oz. – a 7.8 percent reduction.

Ivory dish detergent: 30 oz. bottle is now 24 oz. – 20 percent reduction

Kraft American cheese: 24 slice package now holds 22 slices – 8.3 percent reduction

Scott toilet tissue: 115.2 sq. ft. now 104.8 sq. ft. – 9 percent reduction

Chicken of the Sea salmon: 3 oz. can now 2.6 oz. – 13.3 percent reduction

So what is the conspiracy here?? That our government and our corporations are so sneaky about hiding this inflation by tricking us.. It’s only a matter of time before the keep reducing the product, They did it once so who’s to say they can’t do it again?! Just wait till gas raises to over $5 bucks a gallon, everything will raise at least 10% over-night…. This is a cycle that these companies play..Shrinking packaging can be traced back to the late 1980s… But once the economy rebounds, a new “jumbo” size product typically emerges, at an even higher cost per ounce. Then the gradual shrinking process of all package sizes begins all over again…

So what is the goal here? They are “trying” to cover-up how bad the economy really is by using the corporations to change prices/packaging to the “new” standard of what a dollar can buy… People say buy Gold and Silver but in the end it’s really not going to matter because there will be no food/products on the shelves to buy for your family.. All I can say is “ride” it out and hope for the best.. But be prepared because the rich will be taking everything there is grab and your family will be left out in the cold.. Buy things while you still can.. Non-perishable goods… Our economy sucks and so does our government and the corporations who run America… Were doomed! Below is a short video showing some examples of this shrinking packaging….Send your information to