Here is where the name PRISM was coined

As the Internet grows more complex and dynamic, information security organizations face enormous volumes of data, users connected at tremendous speeds, and ever-changing dynamics with new devices and applications entering the network all the time.

The only way for organizations to stay ahead is to perform cyber intelligence analysis on every piece of data that flows across the network. And, they must understand that data in context of everything else that is happening in the world. This level of cyber security analysis is impossible for any human or team of humans to undertake. That is why the future of cybersecurity requires a new approach: drawing from the richly layered semantic web to enable machine-to-machine analysis and automated machine learning to bring deep new meaning to network activity and behavior.


Narus nSystem is a portfolio of analytics solutions that apply automated machine-based algorithms to process 100% of network packets to discover, analyze, and understand every interaction on a network. nSystem develops rich profiles of every interaction to provide deeper context for faster, more accurate awareness. Analysts can immediately hone in on critical issues instead of wasting time on unimportant conditions or manually trying to piece together data to see the big picture.

nSystem provides context for analysts by separating the data it processes into three different “planes.” Each plane offers distinct sets of dimensions critical to developing a complete understanding of network activity and user behavior. The network plane consists of information about devices (brand, type and operating system) and hosts (client, server, applications, protocols and services). The semantic plane consists of content, topics, trends, communities and locations. The user plane consists of presence, profiles, identities, associations and relationships related to users. The nSystem analytics packages automate the understanding of each of these planes, identify the context of the interactions, and aggregate data across the planes to deliver incisive intelligence.

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