How Many Illuminati Symbols Can YOU Find in the Opening Ceremony?

By Kauilapele

Coordinated “Alien” Attack…

These are from this page of the Daily Mail.

I was just having some fun with this, and found these photos (thanks to whoever emailed or commented with the link) to be quite “Illumin-Interesting”. Pardon, I am just having fun here, and I can’t say I know ALL of the symbolism, but here are a few from that article.

These are not in any particular order, although the eyes are labelled 1-7 in order of appearance. Click to enlarge any photo snip, or go to the DailyMail article.

(Pardon, but the “Read more” link is not at the bottom, but next to the “Eyes 2″ photo; there are a lot more photos if you click that)

David Beckham on Owl boat…


Eyes 1

Eyes 2

Eyes 3

Eyes 4

Eyes 5

Eyes 6

Eyes 7

Pyramids (Triangles) with Lights 1

Pyramid (Triangles) with Lights 2

A Row of Pyramids with Light Eyes (or are those Catholic Bishops?)

Solar Disc with Dancers bowed down (as if in worship)

And what is this dark figure supposed to be about?

Pyramids with eyes, smokestacks, yellow submarines… Pretty bleak…