I Can’t Believe How I’m Thinking

By Zen Gardner

It’s like I’ve slapped myself in the face and I’m feeling the sting. The goddamn system is closing in so fast I’m getting tempted to censor myself when out in public. I’m actually starting to feel I can’t even freely bandy about with check out people, clerks or people on the street like I usually do anymore. I’m starting to subconsciously be concerned about who might be listening.

And possible consequences. Damn.

I know how to bring up subjects to find out if I might have a listening ear about things I’m passionate about people knowing. And believe me, if the door opens, I get both feet in before they knew I was knocking. I’m sensitive, I’m considerate, but I’m insistent and confident however far I think I can help that person along, or in many cases can learn from them.

But it really sucks when the big Eye starts to infringe on your consciousness and cut off your lifeline to spontaneity and sychronicity. And it has apparently creeped up on me, and I don’t like it.

Snitch Society Here We Are

I take pictures of chemtrails. It’s part of my life. I feel like I’m saying “I can see WTF you’re doing and I’m not under your goddamn spell!” I archive these and have quite a collection of very damning evidence for current and future use. But I find it empowering as well as very educational. When dear Dutchsinse makes his HAARP ring predictions, including around my area, I compare notes.

This is serious stuff going down, not just some kind of flippant fascination. And in the case of chemtrails,  I not only react to them, but I’m well aware they can do a very potent dump at any time of any anti-human virus, carcinogen or wicked nano-particle mixtures in any one of these toxic cocktails..which they’ve already been doing. I watch the color, the patterns and stay inside on big dump days. So I take pictures to document this particular attack on us.

And I don’t like what’s creeping into my awareness.

They’re watching – They’ve been told to.

So I’m in a big box store parking lot and just had to get out to film a particularly disgusting chemdump one day. And who drives up? A big ass cop in his expensive SUV and asks me what I’m doing.

Can you believe it? I’m taking pictures of the sky on my phone!

Well, I turned it on him and somewhat innocently started asking if he’d seen anything like this and did he know what was going on. Of course again, after this happening with me many times when I asked officials this question, he hadn’t even noticed and says “I haven’t heard anything” and we chatted a bit and he drives off.

I take pics of the skies almost every day. Chemtrails to me is one of the most profound evidences of our Orwellian dumbed down mind controlled society. And ironically enough what they’re not bothering to notice is exactly one of the drug concoctions that’s bringing that on.

Ah numbnuts. On a massive scale.

But what really pisses me off is now I realize just stepping out the door to take pictures of the sky frequently as I do could get reported on. It’s insane! Instead of people coming out and asking what’s going on, they’re gonna start calling Homeland Frikking Security on me soon, they’re getting so whipped up.

I’m not gonna stop, but it’s working on my consciousness!

False Flag Tipping Point

And this brings me to “from the fringe of consciousness to front and center”. All this just needs one more nudge to bring on what they’re so thoroughly staging. But it won’t be a nudge, they’re gonna go for the big enchilada. Madonna’s show was a little celebratory prelude. They’re feeling confident and they’re about to pull the trigger on the next phase.

And it’s gonna be 9/11 on steroids, sorry to say.

Many are saying this, and that’s because we’re all connected to the Universal Broadcast Center keeping us informed. It’s going to be soon. I mean you don’t have to be a prophet. For unaware folks the political and media announcements aren’t enough to get the picture, as obvious as they are. You need some kind of background in all this, a wake up and spiritual footing to know the big picture to have somewhere to stand, and to be willing to see the Truth.

And we’re there. Sorry, but we are. The time is now.


So, all that to say, apparently it’s arrived. My little insight here is not all that little, and it’s not just me, guaranteed.

It’s filtered into the collective consciousness so deeply, as intended, that we’re all supposed to just get in line and take it in the rear with this bullshit. If the majority wasn’t so well entrained we’d have a totally different dynamic, but I’m afraid we’re gonna have to ride the wild horsey over the next months while they pull their stunts, bar some amazing intervention.

Bear down, be brave and confident, be proactive, but be smart.

This is the real deal.

By the way…I ain’t shuttin’ up. You better not either. I’m a live one…couldn’t shut up if I wanted to.

Ha! Damn the buggers!

Love, Zen