The Goblin’s Grimoire: Hopkinsville Reprised, or the Hollow Earth?

The month of August 1955 was a strange one for residents around the little town of Kelly, in Christian County, Kentucky. A quantity of locals, as well as area law enforcement, had claimed to have been experiencing different odd issues of an “alien” variety in fact, things would end up getting so strange for one group of locals, the Sutton loved ones of nearby Hopkinsville, that their lives would be forever changed in the aftermath.

The events that led to a terrorizing evening for the household, along with a going to friend from out of town, had been both terrifying and wholly inexplicable. Issues started out as Pennsylvania native Billy Ray Taylor, along with Elmer Sutton, went outside to investigate noises coming from the forest nearby on the evening of August 21st, shortly after a series of odd lights had been observed in the distance. Each guys, carrying guns, claimed to have witnessed a strange nonhuman entity emerge from the trees, prompting their return to the farmhouse. Soon afterward, the Suttons and Mr. Taylor would start an evening secured within the residence, as these strange “goblins” attacked them from the outdoors as a result began their nightlong bout with what have forever remained known as the “Hopkinsville Goblins,” an occasion in American Forteana that remains one of the strangest ever recorded.

On that fateful evening in August of 1955, the badly frightened Sutton family would at some point enlist the help of region law enforcement, who sent no much less than twenty officers out to the house, expecting a confrontation with some kind of otherworldly presence. Upon arrival, while evidence of a window-rattling conflict was located a plenty, there was no sign of any of these odd, diminutive beings, variously described as humanoid, though of smaller stature, light-skinned, and sporting big ears that stood upright off the sides of their heads.

The curious story does remain amongst some of the more odd urban legends and unexplained encounters ever collected, prompting a quantity of researchers over the years to suppose that the mystery of the “Hopkinsville Goblins” may have some basis in extraterrestrial intelligence going to from afar… though the odd manner in which these creatures behaved could hardly be described as “intelligent,” at least in the human sense. Or perhaps these strange beings were something else… inter-dimensional guests, cryptozoological monstrosities, or just plain hallucinations the occupants of the Sutton property may have somehow suffered en masse. But could there be other explanations than these listed right here, which appear virtually “conventional” at least inside the realms of the strange and unusual? If so, what may they entail?

A recent report that appeared at the Who Forted? internet site discussed a strange story that, although virtually entirely as well great to be accurate, seems somewhat reminiscent of the fabled Hopkinsville Goblin encounter. According to blogger Greg Newkirk, he received an email from a Kentuckyman claiming to have made get in touch with with strange, diminutive creatures with pale skin, big eyes, and an odd method of “chirping” for communication. The man reports that these odd entities have appeared around his house at a variety of times all through the last many months, and that their presence has brought on excellent distress amongst he and his loved ones members, even to the point that they’ve been forced to leave the property for fear of these strange “cave dwelling” creatures. The complete article (which incorporates photos of the creatures alleged footprints) can be viewed right here.

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