Highly Suspicious Activity – Stocks SOAR up to 2000% False Flag On Horizon?

Kass also provides a list of stocks that are seeing WAY abnormally high volume compared to normal.

1973% GOV US Equity
1063% PL US Equity
747% MTZ US Equity
672% EXG US Equity
578% N US Equity
518% BG US Equity
420% HOG US Equity
407% TRN US Equity
401% PIR US Equity
388% PPO US Equity
316% KRO US Equity
314% DDD US Equity
305% DOLE US Equity
298% JWN US Equity
262% HLF US Equity
248% MCP US Equity
248% NOK US Equity
247% FRX US Equity
238% FSL US Equity
237% LH US Equity

If this is legitimate, it signals a potential problem. Hopefully its a glitch and nothing more.

Two days prior to 911 we saw a very similar and unusual spike in certain stock trading, leading to a significant winfall for those in the know. Could we be looking at a similar circumstance unfolding?

For those interested, do a google search reagrding ‘August 4, 2012 Olympic false flag’, you will find alot of information and research suggesting such an attack is on the cards.