Help us stop the TSA – we need complete, mass awareness!

Our freedoms have slowly been taken away over the course of the past 100 years, beginning with the Federal Reserve in 1913 which completely removed our gold standard and put a group of offshore banking cartels in charge of our currencies. This gave the Federal Reserve the ability to literally “print money” when needed, helping cripple the country and keep it at its knees.

Since this, we have seen the loss of MANY of our freedoms. These losses have not been made public, as the media does not recognize them as a loss of freedom, but rather, as a gain of “more security and safety.” Sadly, we are hiding from things that do not exist (aka – false flag terrorism).

The REAL terrorists in this country are the TSA – The “airport security” that is now coming to train stations, bus stations, shopping malls, and movie theaters near you. This is an INFRINGEMENT on our rights and AGAINST the Constitution. How can we be AMERICANS without a constitution? When these rights are taken away, all we are left with is but a ‘piece of paper.’

This campaign is to help raise awareness to this unjust, fascist, dictorial movements. This TSA has stripped us of our rights – and our clothing – for no reason. The TSA has groped men, men, children, grandmothers, grandfathers, etc. The TSA has spied on us illegally and threatened to JAIL US if we speak out about them.

If this campaign is funded, we will be using the funds to create a 30-second commercial that we will air on national television disclosing all of this information and why the TSA should, hopefully, be abolished. We will also be setting up a website which will allow citizens to “rate the TSA.” Rating cards will be handed out to citizens across the US which will link information back to the rate the TSA website.

Help restore democracy and change this country!

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