Illuminati ‘Kingpin’ Shoots Himself Before Being Taken To Prison; Have The Mass Arrests Begun?

Former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase of Romania shot and wounded himself on Wednesday, apparently in a suicide attempt, hours after the country’s Supreme Court ruled he must serve a two-year sentence for corruption.

Mr. Nastase is the most senior Romanian politician to be jailed since the overthrow of Communism in 1989.

The court’s decision shocked Romania, a poor country where senior politicians have long been seen as above the law. Analysts hailed it as a sign of political maturity in a nation struggling to shed a culture of graft and lawlessness that was honed during decades of Communist rule.

Mr. Nastase, who will turn 62 on Friday, had denied any wrongdoing and insisted that the case was politically motivated.

He had appealed his March 30 sentence after he was convicted of illegally raising $2 million for his failed presidential campaign in 2004 by drawing from the profits of an event organized by a state agency. Mr. Nastase was prime minister in a leftist government from 2000 to 2004 and before that was foreign minister.

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The most irritating public disclosures were during the conference held by Gregorian Bivolaru in Paris, where he courageously disclosed high secrets about the world conspiracy that the Freemasons have been plotting for years under high governmental protection – particularly in the US (where by no accident, secret symbols are depicted for example on the 1dollar banknote).

Freemasons consider Gregorian Bivolaru as a JAN VAN HELSING of Romania, who disturbs them more and more with his public disclosures of “terrifying” secrets that only the top of Freemasons know. This is why the Masons secretly hired the  “brother” Adrian Nastase, Freemason well known in the circles of power in Romania (having a high Freemason degree). By using his advantage of power as prime minister, he was ordered to “silence” Bivolaru and to have him arrested, and also to destroy MISA. The Freemasons promised in return to fully support him to win elections and to become President of Romania.

Soon after this agreement with the USA Freemasonry, Adrian Nastase secretly ordered the Romanian Police and the Prosecutor’s Office to start the biggest action in the last 15 years in Romania, which they named Operation “Christ”. Suddenly, at Adrian Nastase’s sign, after years of peace and harmony, the authorities started aggressive actions against yogis. They watched them closely, harassed and investigated them and even succeeded to arrest guru Bivolaru for a few days, for some strange, unsupported reasons. During the police’s forceful search there have been innumerable abuses and illegal treatment against many yogis, who were robbed of their goods, without any reports, goods that were never returned. Most Romanians do not know the yogis suffering and troubles caused by the Freemasons and A. Nastase …

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