Implants Removed From Abductees

Dr. Roger Leir has been removing extraterritorial implant from patients for a couple years now. Most of the abductees know they were implanted and know where it is on their body. Some also claim that it gives off radio-frequency which sets off alarms, phones and other electronic devices. One guy also stated that the device gave him “special powers.” I believe some of these alien abduction stories but after watching this one video by Dr. Leir, I have made up my mind.

We are not alone in this huge universe, there is no way we are the only planet with life upon it. Our government is lying to about stuff on the earth but imagine what they are hiding up in space? There could a super advance society that could travel to each planet without trouble. And those could be the so called “Aliens” that are visiting our earth right now. There are a bunch of different theories but something is out there and one day we will get the true meaning behind this phenomenon.

Getting back to Dr. Leir’s work; he found the implant that was inside many different people from across the nation but with all the same types of extraterrestrial products. It was a really rare asteroid that was only found once within the space/science community. The weird part about this asteroid implant that it was attached directly to the nerve ending in the nervous system. It could be receiving and sending data from these asteroids over a distance of a million of light years away. They sent this weird implanted triangle shaped object to many different labs and they all concluded that it was from extraterrestrial origins.

Why do the aliens choose to implant only certain people? What does the implant do? After searching online I came up with a lot of videos showing if you hold up a cordless phone to your body and it will go crazy once you put it on these implanted devices. It possible because of the radio-frequencies the implant is giving off? Is this where the Government got the idea to microchip the human population? To control their thoughts, actions, and memory? It’s the same concept but it doesn’t use a super rare mineral from space or does it?

More research is needed to be sure that we are not alone in this world. Governments across the globe don’t research space and the oceans enough. Who knows what could be down below or above! Many people also claim they see USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects). We need to explore more to really understand what’s going on. Obviously government are hiding something, could it be the UN, or could it be the aliens themselves who told the governments to keep it a secret? Are they running the world as “crazy colleen” has stated on her You-Tube channel/website. She calls the alien race: Pleiadeans.

I don’t believe those theories that she spreads around. She talks about her conversations with them and all this nonsense. There is definitely more to this mystery than most people think. Some how this alien civilization is way more advance and they make the impossible seem possible? This will be the greatest story told in man-kind history once we find out the real truth behind the extraterritorial phenomenon! Watch the video(s) below to learn more about this amazing discovery!

Alien Intent (2011) Pilot