Iowa on verge of legalizing raw milk; resistance to food tyranny is rising

raw-milk-300x224by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) Iowa is on the verge of legalizing raw milk sales from dairy farms, and legislation has been introduced for that purpose. Raw milk is currently illegal to sell across most of the United States of America, the “land of the free” where freedom has been systematically crushed by oppressive government. Cuba doesn’t outlaw raw milk. China doesn’t outlaw raw milk. Even North Korea doesn’t outlaw raw milk. Raw milk is legal to buy, sell and drink in Peru, Ecuador, Panama and most Central and South American countries. But in America, the FDA mandates that all milk be pasteurized, and this obscenely ignorant rule has resulted in a pandemic of milk allergies, digestive disorders, milk-caused autoimmune disorders and also the criminalization of raw dairy farmers.

Only in America is a raw milk farmer raided at gunpoint, thrown in jail, stripped of his operating cash and forced to turn over his entire inventory which is then destroyed by the government.

Consumers want to buy raw milk!

“The reason this bill is important is we have a growing constituency in Iowa who wants access to this product,” Rep. Jason Schultz, R-Schleswig said in the Daily Iowan. The paper goes on to report:

Schultz, the committee chairman, said he supports the bill because if consumers can buy raw meat and raw eggs, there is no reason they shouldn’t be able to buy raw milk.

The story goes on to discuss the opposition to the raw milk idea, but all such opposition is based on a foolish argument: That the world must be made sanitary in order to be safe.

For the record, I personally don’t drink cow’s milk. I prefer almond milk. But even though I do not personally choose to drink cow’s milk, I fully support consumer choice so that those who wish to purchase this product may do so freely. (I support the principle of free choice.) By the same token, I do not drink alcohol, yet I support the freedom of others to consume alcohol if they so choose. This is the essence of freedom.

The failed arguments of raw milk opponents

The process of cooking raw milk makes it less digestible. It promotes constipation, sinus congestion and digestive disorders. That’s because heat destroys the lactase enzymes, present in raw milk, which help digest lactose. If you destroy the lactase enzymes, you can’t properly digest the lactose. Symptoms of this can get you labeled “lactose intolerant” when, in reality, you’re just drinking cooked milk that’s been nutritionally destroyed.

Even beyond that, since when did the government actually try to protect people from dangerous products, anyway? C’mon, you can buy cigarettes at the grocery store, and those cause cancer and heart disease. You can buy aspartame and MSG, yet nobody in government wants to ban those toxic chemicals in the food.

Processed meats cause huge spikes in cancer rates due to their use of sodium nitrite, a cancer-causing color additive chemical that turns meats red. Yet you don’t see anybody in government talking about “saving the lives of children from cancer” caused by processed meats.

The idea that government tries to protect the people is hogwash. The entire argument against raw milk is nothing more than a monopolistic power grab by the conventional dairy industry. “Big dairy” is the force that’s actually behind the criminalization of raw milk. It’s no different than the AMA trying to destroy alternative medicine… or Big Pharma trying to discredit holistic herbal therapies. It’s always about a monopoly, and right now there’s a huge monopoly in the dairy industry.

That very same industry, by the way, now wants to secretly add aspartame to milk, yogurt and cream products, even while getting FDA approval to not list aspartame on the label. (Yes, you read that correctly: They want to change the “definition” of milk to include aspartame, thus it does not need to be listed on the label because it’s not an extra ingredient anymore… it’s just part of the milk!)

If the dairy industry was really worried about the safety of milk customers, why would it want to secretly add a neurotoxic chemical sweetener to many of its dairy products? Why would it petition the FDA to hide that ingredient from consumers? (And what else is the industry hiding?)

With the dairy industry, it’s always about deception. It’s about using the excuse of “public safety” to enforce its monopoly while actually harming its own customers.

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