Italian Researcher Discovers “Great Alien City” on Mars

The Italian researcher Matteo Ianneo who discovered some five fascinating structures which look like human faces on Mars, last year, has discovered some thing stunning yet again. This time, the guy claims to have discovered geometric structures on Mars which altogether look like a city. The newly discovered “city” comes an year after his first discovery in April 2011 in which he discovered a crystal-clear human “face” (statue) which seems a great deal greater than the popular Cydonia Martian face.

The new findings certainly look like some kind of structures, but there is nevertheless a excellent opportunity that they would be only a satellite picture mixture/hybridization error.

Mr. Matteo makes use of Google Earth software program to research the planet Mars which has been mapped with images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS 3D globe by specialist satellites launched by NASA in collaboration with Google. The higher resolution photographs enable consumers to zoom in to altitudes to as close as 150 meters without loosing significantly of the picture quality.

The “great city” discovered on Mars by Matteo Ianneo can be located and researched by any person using the following coordinates in Google Earth/Mars: 1°52’27.22″N 81°11’54.95″W

If any individual owning a sophisticated telescope can research and confirm this discovery, please leave your opinion in our feedback area to either demonstrate or disprove it. ( via )

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