‘Irregular trading’ in 140 stocks at NYSE Yesterday

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has completed an investigation into “irregular trading” after a series of unusual swings in some stocks.

The NYSE identified 140 stocks with higher-than-normal trading volumes, including popular stocks like Citigroup and American Airlines.

But they cancelled trades on only six stocks.

The moves brought back memories of the “flash crash” of 2010, when the Dow Jones index fell 10% in just minutes.

“The NYSE and NYSE MKT are currently reviewing irregular trading identified by our people and systems” in 140 stocks between 9:30 am EST and 10:15 EST on Wednesday, the exchange said initially.

+++ UPDATE +++

Doug Kass Provides A Big List Of Stocks Whose Volume Has Gone Stratospheric Thanks To The Trading Glitch:

1973% GOV US Equity

1063% PL US Equity

747% MTZ US Equity

672% EXG US Equity

578% N US Equity

518% BG US Equity

420% HOG US Equity

407% TRN US Equity

401% PIR US Equity

388% PPO US Equity

316% KRO US Equity

314% DDD US Equity

305% DOLE US Equity

298% JWN US Equity

262% HLF US Equity

248% MCP US Equity

248% NOK US Equity

247% FRX US Equity

238% FSL US Equity

237% LH US Equity

( via bbc.co.uk)