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Japan Radiation Is Making America Toxic…

Since the reactor at Fukushima has been spilling Radioactive since March 11, 2011 when a big Earthquake/Tsunami hit Japan.. The EPA has put up “real time” detectors to warn someone if the radiation gets to dangerous levels.. Well it will be too late if it gets that bad so we have to be scared even if a little of radiation makes it way to the United States. The EPA covered up the BP Oil Spill, so what do you expect with this disaster? In Japan they also said they saw HAARP “clouds” and they look VERY unnatural and also the use of Chemtrails has been upped by our shadow Government… So be prepared to breathe in toxic air, eat toxic food and now our world will be filled with toxic cancer causing chemicals.. 9/11/01 + 3/10/11 = 2012 Will the end of the world happen soon? Or is it another hoax. I guess well find out!

This video is footage during the entire earthquake..