Japan has NO vaccine mandates, achieves the HEALTHIEST children in the world

(Natural News) American politicians are infamous for spreading mass concern and panic about infectious illness outbreaks, which they routinely blame on unvaccinated folks. But what these similar Big Pharma puppets conveniently fail to point out is that in locations like Japan, the place vaccination is totally non-compulsory, children are actually much healthierin comparison with wherever else in the world.

Japan not solely has the healthiest children on the planet, in accordance to the newest metrics, but additionally the highest “healthy life expectancy” amongst all age teams. And at the exact same time, Japan additionally has the lowest vaccination fee in the total world, which means that getting vaccinated really makes an individual unhealthier in the future.

In the United States, on the different hand, extra younger children are dying in comparison with every other industrialized nation, together with Japan. More American children are dying at delivery and in their first yr of life in comparison with their counterparts dwelling in every other nation in the West – this, regardless of the undeniable fact that vaccination charges are rising due to authoritarian mandates like those pushed by Richard Pan in California.

Of the American children that really survive delivery and make it previous one yr of age, greater than half will develop no less than one persistent sickness all through their lives – which isn’t the case in Japan, the place persistent sickness is a rarity. So it could seem as if getting vaccinated really will increase an toddler’s threat of getting sick or dying, moderately than the different means round.

“The U.S. government, in bed with Big Pharma, is sacrificing our children for profit,” writes Mac Slavo for SHTFplan.com.

Vaccines are harming and killing children – and sure, they DO trigger autism

While many American states nonetheless acknowledge that folks have the proper to exempt their children from necessary vaccinations for non secular, philosophical, private, or medical causes, there’s a giant push to eradicate these exemptions throughout the board, and pressure everybody to be vaccinated for “public health.”

But does getting vaccinated with questionable vaccines like Merck & Co.’s MMR for measles, mumps, and rubella, actually improve public well being? Hardly. As it seems, there are a number of courtroom instances pending in which whistleblowers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) declare that Merck faked efficacy knowledge for MMR to pressure it onto the market.

They allege that not solely is MMR not efficient, but it surely’s additionally not protected, as it could actually, in truth, enhance a baby’s threat of growing autism or another everlasting damage. In a worst-case state of affairs – and sure, it has occurred – MMR may also trigger sudden demise.

Some public well being officers are literally starting to fess up to this. In New Hampshire, as an illustration, it was decided {that a} latest measles outbreak wasn’t brought on by unvaccinated children, however moderately by a vaccinated little one who had beforehand acquired MMR in accordance with authorities suggestions.

The MMR vaccine, in this occasion, contaminated the little one’s physique with measles, which that very same little one then “shed” onto different children triggering an outbreak. At first, well being officers used the scare as ammunition to push necessary vaccination. But as soon as it was realized {that a} vaccinated little one was “patient zero,” the complete factor magically went away as a result of it made the MMR vaccine look unhealthy.

“What you received’t hear from vaccine advocates or the mainstream media, is that Merck is in courtroom over MMR-related fraud,” Slavo provides.

“All of those dangers concerned with getting vaccinated are being coated up by authorities businesses (FDA and CDC) and the politicians merely don’t care. The vaccine trade is for revenue and till security and saving lives is extra vital than cash, the authorities and Big Pharma will proceed to sacrifice our children to line their very own pockets,” he provides.

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