Judge in Manning trial: “American people need to stand and let the Military know their crimes won’t be tolerated.”


From Judge Lind’s apparent twitter account: https://twitter.com/JudgeDLind

“For all of you who don’t know me I’m the Judge in Bradley Manning’s trial.”

“I have some things to say to the American people before the Government tries to silence me.”

“All of you need to know the truth. Mr. #Manning is innocent.”

“I’m being pressured by the Government and Military to prosecute an innocent young man.”

“The Government and Military want to use Mr. #Manning as an example for future whistle-blowers,don’t report our crimes.”

“Mr. Manning is a very brave young man and he did the right thing.”

“Every soldier has a moral duty to report crimes even if those crimes are committed by their own Government or Military.”

“This will be the end of my career as a Judge but the truth has to come out.”

“The Government and Military are doing their best to keep Mr. #Manning ‘s motives concealed from the people.”