Jimmy Kimmel Freemason Hollywood Building

By lsnypvcs on ATS

This past weekend I was enjoying a beautiful sunny day in Hollywood taking pictures, riding on tour buses, and walking the streets.

As we stopped to take pictures I noticed the big banners outside a building that read “Jimmy Kimmel Show”. Of course I was excited to take pictures in front of the building, and as I got closer I noticed at the top of the building it had a quote.

It wasn’t just any quote, in fact it was a masonic quote. It read “Freemasonry build its temples among the nations and in the hearts of men”.

At first I was a bit disturbed but then I noticed something else, it had the masonic “G” engraved on the side of the quote. (Click To Enlarge)

I was interested myself as to why Jimmy Kimmel would tape there, why the building had that quote, along with many other questions. I tried to do some research but not much came up.