Kylie Jenner Has Some Questions About Chemtrails


Kylie Jenner Has Some Questions About Chemtrails…… During a marathon session of tweeting with fans and followers Monday night, Kylie Jenner took a break to make us think.


The (poorly spelled) image she posted asks questions common amongst those familiar with the chemtrails movement, a group of people who believe either the government or the Illuminati (depending who you ask) is spreading chemicals used to brainwash the population using the contrails formed by airplanes.

Whos is responcible, indeed. As far as conspiracy theories go, chemtrails is one of the least dangerous and most easily debunked. It’s sort of like people who think Stanley Kubrick faked the Apollo moon landings.

But this is not the youngest Jenner’s first foray into the world of the occult and mysterious. Last year, it was reported that Jenner had helped to create something called The Orgonite Society along with Jaden and Willow Smith, a “secret society of individuals” who make and distribute crystalline paper weights “to balance Gaia’s energies.” The group’s Instagram account has been dormant since May 2014.

If Kylie’s looking for more conspiracy theories and government cover-ups to investigate, she’s got one just minutes from the Kardashian Family Seat of Calabasas/Hidden Hills: the Santa Susana Field Laboratory. Though it’s been used for many things over the years, in 1959, it was the site of a partial nuclear meltdown thought to be much worse even than the Three Mile Island disaster. It still remains unclear how much radioactivity was released into the now heavily populated surrounding area. For years, various groups have worked to clean up the highly polluted site.

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