Kanye West: “I Sold my Soul to the Devil”

Each and everyday becomes clearer and clearer, how many, if not all, big time artists have sold their souls to the devil in exchange for power and fame in this world, of which he, the devil,  is god according to 2 Corinthians 4:4. It has always been by their actions that we are to know the sons of the evil one from those of the Most High, like the Bible says, “Ye shall know them by their fruits”(Matthew 7:16), but as we approach to the end of this age, the of Time, the difference between the Wheat and the Tares , respectively the Sons of Yahuéh and the sons of perdition will become more and more apparent until the moment of the harvest in which the Tares will burn and the Wheat will be gathered into the Kingdom(Matthew 13:24-43).

It is the case of the World famous rapper Kanye West, of whom I have spoken about many times before, exposing his deceptive ways, who began his career with the song entitled “Jesus Walk”, a song dealing with the hardships of temptation and the need of the Messiah for our help and redemption, yet through the following years of Kanye’s life, it has become obvious that the spiritual fight over his soul was won by the Devil, as we are about to see, that is of course unless he repents and goes back to the Father like the Prodigal Son(Luke 15:11-32).

The next video, is from a show Kid Cudy and Kanye West were doing in Atlanta, in which Kanye begins talking about how artist are afraid to speak out because they may loose everything they have, their money, their deal and whatsoever, I guess confirming that it is true that when real rappers like 2Pac begin exposing the Illuminati their lives are terminated, like with Pimp C and many others, but then there’s some sort of a twist when at the second minute you can hear Kanye West say himself, that he sold his soul to the Devil, and let me add that I find funny that while raps he has to admit it was a “crappy deal”, maybe looking back now and realizing he really messed up.

Kanye west says:

“I sold my soul to the Devil
I know its a crappy deal
least it came with a few toys like a happy meal
I’m spaced out dog
I be on that moon talk
I wonder if God ask Mike how to moon walk…”

Interestingly enough, other than the fact of recognizing the crappy deal he got, as the punchline, he brings into the subject Michael Jackson who had recently passed away by then, saying this right after he was making reference to artists loosing their careers and being afraid to stand for something, like in a way reassuring the death of Michael Jackson being a murder because he was being brave enough to stand for something, reason why he assumes that MJ must be in heaven with the Almighty. It is sad to notice also, how the crowd keeps on cheering even after Kanye has just told them openly and loudly that he has Sold his Soul to the Devil.

It is in the next video, where we may be seeing a sign of regret on Kanye’s part, maybe like I said before, he looked back and saw that it really wasn’t worth it and wishes he could just get rid of the demon he let posses his body. This is a short-film called “We were once a fairytale”, in which there’s a lot of symbolism used as it is accustomed by these people, with a rather bizarre ending in which Kanye West literally removes a demon from his body in a very artistic way I guess lol.

Now let me break it down a little, to start let me say that in all these type of productions such as music videos or films, the director is always in charge and aware of every single detail shown on screen or heard, nothing ever happens as a coincidence. With that said, let’s begin, first everything starts as a celebration when 2 beautiful women bring some champagne to him and he tries to pay for the favor and goes crazy on the ladies then suddenly stops kinda ashamed and surprised takes off his glasses and says “I didn’t know that I was talking to an angel”, some would say that was just flirting but I think it was much more, as we’ll see further ahead. After this scene I found curious how when Kanye realized they were playing one of his songs he became quite excited and began telling everyone that he had made the song, even every note in it, in a way like he didn’t believe it himself, trying hard to proof it to everyone while nobody seemed to care, like if some entity is giving him the music yet is letting Kanye West take credit for it, like every single artist in his position. Interestingly, some of his lyrics which you can hear in the background say “After tonight there is no return” which goes well with the whole theme shown in the film and are from the song entitled “See you in my Nightmares”. I also believe that the question of who he sees in his nightmares is answered by the next scene, when he goes into a room and seems to get blinded by light, the music changes and you can hear the new lyrics saying “I haven’t felt alive, I’m half the man that I was with you by my side” and right by the end of the sentence when is saying “you”, a girl appears, which kinda looks like the one he called an angel, filling the room with light and remember what the Bible says.

2 Corinthians 11:14
14And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

The name Lucifer means Light-Bearer in Latin, so I believe that even without the initial scene calling the girl an angel, it is obvious that, while Kanye was in an altered state of mind by the use of alcohol and maybe drugs he decided to become one with Lucifer, represented plainly by the act of sexual intercourse with the “light-bringing angel”, until he passes out when the song is saying “but I cannot say goodbye”, then he wakes up and finds himself all alone next to hearing some sort of evil laughs in the background, gets up to walk to the restroom now with eyes wide open, holding a shoe in his hand which only confirms the past interpretation, since according to the Bible this is how they used to make deals back in the day.

Ruth 4:7

Now this was the manner in former time in Israel concerning redeeming and concerning changing, for to confirm all things; a man plucked off his shoe, and gave it to his neighbour: and this was a testimony in Israel.

This custom is used by Freemasons during the ritual of the first degree in which the Entered Apprentice is told to remove and submit one of his shoes. I’m sure that it was from this ritual that either Kanye or the director of the short-film knew about the symbolism. This is repeated in the next two degrees to become a Master Mason which is the third and last of the Blue Lodge degrees.

In the book Look to the East! A Ritual of the First Three Degrees of Freemasonry by Ralph P. Lester, when making reference to the ritual and the reason for taking off one of the shoes, the page 48 reads.

Why were you neither barefoot nor shod?

A/. This was according to an ancient Israelite custom. We read in the book of Ruth, that this was manner in former times concerning redeeming and concerning changing for to confirm all things; a man plucked off his shoe and gave it to his neighbor, and this was a testimony in Israel.
This, therefore, was done to show the sincerity of our intentions in the business we were then engaged upon.

Here’s a Picture of a mason going through the first ritual of Entered Apprentice:

So this means that Kanye West had just engaged in a business or had confirmed a deal with what looked like an angel of light, which is Lucifer represented by the woman with whom he had sex and to whom he cannot say goodbye. Then he goes into the restroom where he vomits a whole lot, most likely making him less drunk, hence he begins thinking straight, which is when he finds a dagger that he uses to cut his belly and take out the demon controlling him from the inside, then when he  cuts what is connecting him to the creature suddenly seems to be wide awake, no longer drunk in any way, then it tells the creature to kill itself, being then free from his demon possession and the film ends.

Kanye’s Site goes Skull & Bones

To finish up, I want to leave you with the link to Kanye West’s official website, what you will see, was in the front page for a while, now it has move down, but in case they take it out, you can see it right here where I saved it in case they delete it. Kanye West Website

I doubt he is going to Yale so most likely he isn’t part of the Skull and Bones Secret Society, but he is obviously giving some tribute or honor to it by posting several and rather weird pictures on his website, for those who may not be able to see them on the site or download the file above, the first and main picture on the top of his page was the official emblem of the Secret Society Skull and Bones, followed by a bunch of pictures of naked women, as art and finishing with some pictures of a Satanic ritual and right below the images, a video of the same satanic ritual which is part of the movie “Eyes Wide Shut”, maybe making reference to Kanye West’s eyes..

This is the official emblem of the society and it was the first image welcoming you to Kanye West’s website. the headquarters of this secret society are  located in the university of Yale and many of the last Presidents of the United States were members of it, like George Bush, both father and son, as well as Prescott Bush as seen in the next pictures.

The Secret Society Skull and Bones also known as the Brotherhood of Death was founded in 1832 – 1833 by members of the Illuminati from Germany, working together with the main leaders of occultism in the University of Yale in the United States. In 1956 it was legally incorporated with the name of  “The Russell Trust”

Samuel Russell and Alonso Taft grandfather of the president of the United States William H. Taft were the Co-founders.

Here is a picture of the temple called “The Tomb” of Skull & Bones located as mentioned before in the University of Yale in New Haven, Connecticut, United States.