Larry Celona – Eyes Wide Shut & Epstein Connection

Okay I was going to do an article on this a couple days ago but I have been busy.. This just adds a new direction on the Epstein case. Everyone knows about Stanley Kubrick’s movie Eyes Wide Shut and it’s occult references. But did you know it also has a interesting connection to Jeffrey Epstein? The New York Post reporter who first broke the news of Epstein’s “suicide attempt,” his successful “suicide,” and the pics of his body — FLEW ON THE LOLITA EXPRESS – Find out more below:

Who is Larry Celona? Well he’s a New York Post reporter who has also been in two movies; Eyes Wide Shut and The Perfect Murder. You look at the news articles he contributes; nothing but murders, suicides and possible hate/terrorism crimes.

In 1997 Larry Celona was hired by Stanley Kubrick as a consultant on Eyes Wide Shut and tasked with writing two fake-news articles for the film. One headlined ‘LUCKY TO BE ALIVE.’ The other: a cover-up of the murder of a sex slave, falsely reporting it as a suicide.

When Kubrick dies in 1999, Celona is the one to break the exclusive story, reporting that Kubrick was “happy, joking, and completely at peace” before he died.

Just a few months later, Celona is the first person informed of JFK Jr.’s untimely death, and breaks that story as well.

In 1999, Larry Celona rides with Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and others on the Lolita Express from Teterboro, NJ to Palm Beach for a short weekend. They return with two extra women.

NY Post & Larry Celona were the first to report on the Epstein and Maxwell stories as seen in photos below blockquote:

He was the first to report Epstein’s first ‘suicide attempt

He was the first to report of Epstein’s successful ‘suicide

He was the first to release photos of Epstein’s dead body

He was the first to release ‘staged’ photos of Ghislaine Maxwell

Many of Celona’s by-lines are exclusives. Getting out in front of the story and being the one who breaks it allows the writer to control the narrative. Be it through subtle word choice or simple omission, the degree to which a writer can shape perception cannot be understated.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s father Robert Maxwell was a well renowned intelligence asset of Mossad until his death. Here he is pictured with NY Post owner Rupert Murdoch.”

“The Post was the first to leak Epstein’s suicide, and Ghislaine’s pics—controlling the narrative early through misdirection.” No wonder why they picked The New York Post for their propaganda.. Ill have to do a separate article on Robert Maxwell.. But lets get back to more interesting info about this Epstein case conspiracy:

Excerpt from the book:

Some More Photos, I’m sure I missed some: