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Let Campbells & Heinz Know GMO Products Are No Good!

We know that both Campbells and Heinz use GMO Products in their soups and sauces. We should all the a couple seconds out and email the companies to tell them what we think of their low quality their products are! Here is a quick copy and paste description you can send to them:

Dear Big Corporation,

We as the consumer are tired of your company and many others using low cost, low quality, and non organic products in your bogus claims of health and natural ingredients on some of your products. We are going into a world-wide GMO protest and boycott of companies who use such products. We will be successful and your company will have no choice to change it’s capitalist ways. One last quick question; does your families eat these products? Wake up and change your business model of money now, think later…

Contact Campbells

Contact Heinz