Luciferians Control Our Reality Matrix By Presiding Over Scientific Orthodoxy

(Original text by ATS User Getsmart)

Minute 1:05 

“Let me begin on April 28th, 2004, that’s where The Lucifer Effect was born. Because, I was in Washington. I belong to an organization called The Council of Scientific Society Presidents. The President of every one of the 60 major scientific societies, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, etc., etc., and Psychology, it’s the only soft, soft science, meet twice a year there, and I was actually elected President of the group, so I was President of the Presidents.”

Minute 9:15

“The Devil proves he was right and GOD was wrong. How does he do it? He shows how easy it is to corrupt Adam and Eve. Have a little snakes, let’s eat the apple. She eats the apple, she tells the guy “Hey, I ate the apple, you eat the apple too: I don’t want to go down alone.” And so, HE IS RIGHT! You should not honor Adam, because he is corruptible. So, that starts…”

“Part of my mission is to recover the reputation of Lucifer.”

In the above video at minute 2:55 he talks about Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and he goes on to how one can get a “Two for One” deal by obtaining a similar result without drugs and also getting once good people to become “Perpetrators of Evil”… it is a role you play, but what happens is that if you play it long enough, often enough, you think it is you.”

In a later segment he even goes so far as to present in visual format what looks very much like a HOW TO GUIDE to bring forth Evil:

Returning to the organization which “elected” to choose this individual to preside over all its presidents, we can examine its announced purpose and objectives, which can be found on their website.

The Council of Scientific Society Presidents – The Nation’s Leading Center for Development of Science Leadership and Science Policy

They clearly announce that they seek to develop “Science Leadership” and seek to centralize “Science Policy”.

Yet for all intents and purposes, science is led by a quest for truth and knowledge, and not by some tentacular organization meeting twice a year in Washington D.C.? Also, the policy of science is to research, and not to be subject to centralized policy groups based in Washington.
While we cannot state for certain what their Agenda is exactly, I find it eloquent that among all the scientists in the USA they chose as the leader of the leaders, for President of the Presidents, a man who writes a book featuring on its cover Lucifer adorned with an angelic Halo and who states in public:

“Part of my mission is to recover the reputation of Lucifer.”

Conclude what you wish, but this does explain the stranglehold that most scientific disciplines are held in, opposing the truth in many instances and herding researchers into politically correct orientations and fencing in their conclusions, using peer reviewed publications to weed out unorthodox thinkers and preventing the advancement of science in an organized coercive manner.

It also coincides with the agenda one century ago to control information, science and education decided behind closed doors by a small group of powerful men. Incidentally I find it interesting that this was voiced at Harvard Law School where such mindsets are presumed to be normative as that institution has served, along with Yale, as a bastion of elite cattle herding. We can also note that this person is professor emeritus at Stanford, an emanation of the Tavistock Institute in its vocation to brainwash the wider population both using technology and thought control.