Large Draco Fleet And Annunaki Coming

By Former White Hat

Much of this info can be found online…

In January 2011, Chinese archeologists discovered something under the Great Wall of China, alien technology that was signalling to space…the coordinates, when seen via Hubble, indicates a massive fleet of ships making their way here., followed by a planetary object: Nibiru.

Around the same time, a hidden bio-tech entity was activated in the Gulf of Mexico, and many nations sent their navy vessels there. The US Navy accidentally sank a French submarine, thinking it was a Draco ship. The alien technology, part living matter and part robotic tech, is beginning a terra-forming operation to change the compound make-up of the ocean and air in the Gulf of Mexico and southern Mexico regions that is more likeable to the lizard boys and the Annunaki both. The awakening of this tech was followed by the presence of the Alvah Consciousness within the 7th Density inner earth.

The Chinese government sent time-coded diplomatic briefcases to all major world powers with this information, most to be opened October 13, 2011, around the same time that Nebiru became obvious in the skies.

The recent Chinese coup d’etat within the government was done by the Cabal, to keep this information from getting to the public. Keep in mind that the Cabal welcomes this fleet.

Plejaran, Andromedan and Arcturians are mobilizing a fleet to meet the Draco fleet when it reaches the Edgewood-Kuiper Belt outside Pluto. The Dracos have destroyed the Plejaren outpost on Pluto, killing 30. The Draco fleet outnumbers our protectors 5 to 1. A call for assistance has been sent out through the galaxy and other universes/dimensions. Tanjerea of Aftrane in the DAL-Universe has pledged military support, as have the positive grays from Zeta Reticuli, but that may still not be enough. The Order of the Obscure Pink Swastika, aka the Fourth Reich, have said they will fight but only in the confines of earth orbit, the moon, and Antarctica. They claim there is technology within the pyramids of Antarctica that will be activated should the Draco fleet break through the protective aramada and enter earth’s atmosphere; they claim these pysramids can emit a powerful beam weapon that will immobilize any Draco mothership and render it helpless to attack.

Cats worldwide are preparing for battle against the Alvah Consciousness.

The Draco fleet is expected to reach the Kuiper Belt within 4-6 weeks; they want to in orbit of Mars and the Earth before many humans begin to shift to the Fifth density, where the Dracos cannot reach them.

The Laher People have a role in this agenda but it is still unclear what, since they are from a future timeline.

This is why earth-bound Dracos have retreated to the Soviet Union after many of their bases were destroyed the past 6 weeks; they await reinforcements.