Large troop/military vehicle movements in Missouri.

By Roundtree on ATS

I’m writing this thread due to an observance that I’ve been making over the past few months or so regarding an abnormally large number of military troops and vehicles around the area.

Now, a little background information.. I live about 90 miles North-East of FortLeonard Wood, (about 120 miles west of St. Louis) The fort is allegedly a FEMA camp FEMA camps list. I drive down I-44 past the area that the fort is at almost weekly.

Recently, I’ve been seeing a HUGE increase in the number of military trucks/humvees/buses packed with troops. As well as many other military vehicles that I haven’t seen before. Also, I have payed attention to things like that for a long time, it is in my nature to make mental notes of most things as I have a mild form of autism. As far as the ratio compared to say even six months back to now would be easily ten to one, the amount of troops movements is massive in my opinion.

Sort of the reason of this post is if anyone has more information on Fort Leonard Wood, or if anyone that lives near other military bases have noticed similar happenings.