2012 brings new industry to Michigan, aerial fireworks

By Richard Weaver

When the ball drops in Times Square next Saturday night Michiganders will be able to legally celebrate with aerial fireworks for the first time. Of course the fireworks will need to be purchased in Ohio or Indiana as they will not be able to be sold in Michigan until midnight, January 1.

The year 2012 it will be legal to sell aerial fireworks for the first time in the state’s history. Previously Michiganders would go to stores along the border in Ohio and Indiana where the off the ground exploders have been legal.

However the Michigan companies will have a handicap compared to their southern competitors. Michigan’s new law requires a $10 million insurance policy while the other two states require only $2 million in insurance. This is a new requirement for Great Lakes State retailers as prior to the new law there was not a specific insurance coverage requirement.