Mass Arrests Of The Elites Are Imminent

Federal Marshalls backing up local law enforcement officers, backed up by military, will arrest the criminal elites. No Police State. No Martial Law. The arrest of several thousand people in the city will stir up a lot of attention.

David Wilcock interviews Drake, outlining how the strike back against the elites will happen. From Julia. The blogs will fill up with publicity once these arrests are made. They will try to get as much main stream media as they can.

No violence if possible. A legal way to carry out the operation. The bad guys have plans to blow bridges, close down water supply, cut off electricity supplies, block the sewers. But the ‘good guys’ will not carry out such orders when they are sent out.

This is comin. It’s not going to be stopped.

Wilcock – People will say this is all a trick to bring in martial law, and the New World Order.

Drake – be ready. be slow to pull the trigger. This is to remove the private central banking system. This is to remove all those agencies created to destroy private liberty.

The media is ready to air wall to wall DVDs for five days on end, educating people with what they need to know. There’ll be an education channel, which will explain the whole story of how the NWO was created. It will run for several months.

There’s more. There will be a need for people to fill offices to keep the structure of government running temporarily. The public announcement will be made from the Press Room at the White House.
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