Mass Arrests Related To The Destruction Of Underground Bases…


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As David WilcockBen Fulford, and “the Drake” have been reporting the imminent, soon to come, “mass arrests” of cabal operatives, I thought some might be interested in what Tolec had to say about this on this page of his website.Tolec has reported the activities of theAndromeda Council, specifically related to the destruction and clearing of Draco & Hydra Reptilian undersea base complexes in various locations on the planet. This blog has shared his reports, here,herehere, and here (and one more will come out shortly).

Are they related? Well, here is a piece from page five of Tolec’s website which gives a response to that (and if you can’t wait to read through it all, scroll to the bottom).



Many people have written to me some form of this question: “Tolec, what about the David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford statements that have been made regarding “imminent mass arrests of the Cabal/Illuminati”. What do you and what does the Andromeda Council know about this?”

ANSWER: Yes, ‘globally’, I am aware of the David Wilcock & Benjamin Fulford statements that have been made regarding the “imminent mass arrests of the Cabal/Illuminati”. But this is as much as I know. For the record, I have specifically stayed away from – and NOT listened to or read – the details of this matter for a few reasons, but primarily because: I do not want what I am learning from my Andromeda Council contacts to be in any way, shape or manner, possibly or potentially contaminated by outside sources. This is all about my credibility & integrity as a independent, uninfluenced, reliable source of Andromeda Council information. I have also stayed away from the details of this specific story because of what I am currently releasing about the “clearing out” of the final Draco & Hydra Reptilian undersea base complex.

Further, unlike David Wilcock & Benjamin Fulford, I have no way of knowing, I have no insider contacts from which to learn about what Earth/land based authorities are doing with regard to Earth/land based arrests of human Cabal/Illuminati suspects &/or criminals.

All of my information is from, and based on, my own personal on-going contact regarding my knowledge, and/or activities of, the Andromeda Council, including the people of Procyon. The information from my sources is about the Reptilian military hierarchy, and the Reptilian/human hybrid Reptilian ‘Cabal/Illuminati – highest level officials as found in this last undersea base. Not Earth human ones.

Taking into consideration all of the above, do I think or feel these above activities are related? Yes, I do.

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