Investigators Still Baffled By Mass UFO Sightings In Kansas City

As investigators continue to work on the 95 sighting reports received in October, 2011 in Missouri more baffling events in November, December, and January have occurred. There were a very high number of reports, most of which occurred east of Kansas City, Missouri including Lee’s Summit, Independence, and Raytown during this time period. There were 87 sighting reports in Kansas City in October alone. Missouri was the highest reporting state in the nation in October.

UFO over Raytown, MO on Oct 31, 2011 not 20 feet from the witness
Copyright 2011 by Leron Pryor

The activity started to increase in April of 2011, when a Raytown police officer reported an entity in his back yard and a triangular craft above his home. In May, a craft was spotted over I-70 highway and was photographed by MUFON Assistant State Director Margie Kay. Over the next week, fully armed Apache Helicopters searched areas in Lee’s Summit and Blue Springs 24 hours a day then suddenly stopped. That night and early the next morning multiple witnesses saw hundreds of balls of orange lights near I-435 Highway in Kansas City, and a large saucer-shaped craft over Lee’s Summit. The lights and craft also appeared in Liberty, Missouri on different dates.

Photo of UFO taken by Margie Kay taken over I-70 Highway
Copyright 2011 by Margie Kay

Many reports were received by MUFON at on October 3 and 4, and again on October 31. On October 4 and 31 experimental flying teams with flashing strobe lights on their planes did stunt work over the Kansas City Chiefs stadium, and were spotted by witnesses going to and from these events. However, there are multiple sightings on the same nights and other nights that remain unexplained. Many of these include giant orange fireballs, small white balls of light, and close encounters with similarly related craft in multiple locations. In at least two instances, missing time was involved and possible abductions occurred. Photos and video have been submitted to Missouri MUFON state director Margie Kay, who is heading the investigation, with assistance from State Director Debbie Ziegelmeyer and other Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas investigators. These are being released on the Missouri MUFON website at as professional photographic analysis is completed.

The EAA Flying Team

Several of the witnesses involving close encounters continue to have sightings of UFOs and experience strange paranormal phenomena. One man has taken many photos of strange lights, orbs, and beings in the same area where his first sighting took place on October 31.  A woman who had a sighting over downtown Kansas City in June continues to see UFOs in the same location from her office window on the 21st floor, and a man who saw orange fireballs has experienced paranormal phenomena, which never happened before the sighting.  

On the morning of November 11, a woman visiting her father in Lee’s Summit, Missouri was called outside to witness some strange bright white lights moving quickly around the sky. She and her father, mother, brother, and 12 neighbors watched these objects move erratically in all areas of the sky under low cloud cover off and on all day and into the night, then again on November 12 from early morning until 9:00 PM. At any given time, the witnesses could see a dozen of these objects. There were bright white objects the size of a pencil eraser held at arm’s length and larger penny-sized black objects, which weren’t noticed by witnesses until pictures were shown on a large screen. The witnesses reported that they noticed more aircraft in the skies during this time period. The neighborhood is not far from the Lee’s Summit Airport.

On the night of November 11, the family noticed that a lot of coyotes were howling. This was not normal behavior for coyotes in this busy suburb of Kansas City. Prior to this date they seldom heard a single coyote howling. The key witness was able to take several short 15-second movies showing up to seven objects at a time using her still camera. The objects were visible to the naked eye and through the camera. The unusual part about this case is that the objects were viewed for approximately 38 hours straight, and many witnesses were involved.

Later in that evening, two separate witnesses described a large stationary bright object with appendages coming from it, and many smaller bright white and colored objects moving quickly to and from the large white object. The smaller objects appeared to dock with the appendages of the larger craft, which was stationary in the sky Northeast of Raymore, Missouri. Raymore is south of Lee’s Summit, Missouri. MUFON investigators wonder if these sightings could have been the same objects viewed by witnesses in Lee’s Summit on the same night.

On January 5, 2012, a rancher reported finding a mutilated cow near KCI Airport north of Kansas City, Missouri.  The Clay County Sherrif investigated the event and the vet who examined the cow said that the cuts were very precise, and were done by someone who knew what they were doing according to at KCTV 5 report. Margie Kay visited the site and took dirt samples where the cow was found, and also in a control area. These are being tested at a lab in Colorado with the assistance of experienced animal mutilation investigator Chuck Zukowski from Colorado Springs. When the results are returned they will be released to the public. It is unknown whether the cow mutilation is related to the recent surge in UFO sightings in the area.

Kay will post new photos and videos at as they come in.

Margie Kay is looking for answers as to why the Kansas City area has had so much UFO activity recently. She would like to hear from other persons who have had UFO sightings in the greater Kansas City area. Contact her at or