Most Americans think social media has too much control over news, according to poll

Some 62 p.c of Americans imagine social media exerts too much control over what information individuals see, and most think on-line platforms deal with some information retailers in a different way than others for the improper causes, a new poll exhibits.

Not solely do social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter distort the combo of stories that reaches their customers, however their actions end in a worse combine, according to 55 p.c of Americans responding to a Pew Research poll revealed this week. Just 15 p.c imagine the platforms’ meddling leads to a higher combine.

Republicans are much more emphatic – three quarters say social media has too much control, and two thirds disapprove of the combo of stories the platforms generate. However, 53 p.c of Democrats agree Facebook and Twitter’s control is extreme, and 49 p.c discover the information combine distasteful.

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