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Mayan doc claims to reveal ‘mother of all secrets’


A new documentary about the Mayan people reveals an ancient landing pad for UFOs and explosive new evidence of human-alien contact, according to its producers.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond will explore the hidden secrets of the Mayan people, including an unbelievable city built entirely underwater.

“It is the most important archaeological finding in the history of mankind,” says producer Raul Julia-Levy, son of late Hollywood star Raul Julia. “It’s going to open the eyes of humanity and elevate the consciousness of every human being on the planet. I guarantee it.”

Shooting on the doc is set to begin in February, deep in the darkest jungles of Mexico. Julia-Levy says the picture will be shot in 3D and will, for the first time, feature footage of “a city that was built under water, and not a sunken city.”

The doc will reportedly also reveal a 3,000 year-old tarmac for spaceships as well as “the mother of all secrets” which will be unveiled at the Calakmul archaeological dig.

Though the project is one of many in development that explore Mayan prophecies concerning 2012, Julia-Levy says his is different – because his is rooted in truth.

“The problem with most of the productions going on now that are related to the Maya theme is that they’re doing them in an erroneous and irresponsible manner,” he says. “This documentary is going to shake the world.”

Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond is set to hit theatre screens in August.