Mysterious ‘Beam’ Interrupts Radar in Illinois, Puzzles Experts

700_84e6518d7de27dd25b48f86fe2e09cb1Since the 16th of November, the National Weather Service has been reporting that a mysterious “beam of interruption”  in Lincoln, Illinois has been screwing with it’s radar. A quick glance at one of their Doppler images and it’s easy to see that something is shooting through the state, but as of now the meteorologists can only guess at the cause.

Is it visual evidence of some kind of HAARP mind control? A targeting beam from an intergalactic destroyer? Maybe, but there could also be a much more mundane explanation.

“We’re not sure what it is yet,” meteorologist Llyle Barker, told the Journal Star. “4G has caused interference before, so it might be a 4G tower.”

The Weather Service has stated that the interference is mostly harmless and hasn’t really impacted them, so they probably won’t look into it much more. Certainly sounds like mind control to me.

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