Zombiecalypse continues: Man Bit Off Large Chunk Of Victim’s Face

From the Zombie Apocalypse news desk comes word of the arrest of a Louisiana man who bit off a chunk of the face of a victim whom he allegedly battered during a bloody attack Saturday.

According to cops, Carl Jacquneaux, 42, attacked Todd Credeur outside the victim’s residence in Scott, a city in Lafayette Parish. After punching Credeur in the face, Jacquneaux bit the 48-year-old victim in the face, “removing a big quantity of flesh,” police reported.

An arrest warrant affidavit charges that Jacquneaux “began biting Mr. Credeur in the face, removing flesh the size of a quarter beneath the victim’s left eye.” A second affidavit accused Jacquneaux of “biting off half his cheek” and referenced “information” that Jacquneaux “had been up for a number of days on Meth.”

When officers responded to the fight scene, they found Credeur covered in blood and with “several lacerations to his facial location along with a gaping wound underneath the left eye.” Credeur, who was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment, is now recuperating at property.

Investigators said that Credeur is the husband of Jacquneaux’s ex-wife, who was present when the attack occurred. The lady has a protective order against Jacquneaux due to “threats and violent behavior,” police note.

Pictured in the above mug shot, Jacquneaux was apparently under the influence of narcotics for the duration of the June 2 incident. Nonetheless, cops would not comment on the claim by a friend of Credeur’s that Jacquneaux had been using bath salts prior to the attack. The hallucinogenic stimulant has been linked to a savage attack last month in Florida that ended with a cannibalistic assailant getting shot to death by police.

Jacquneaux, who is being held in the Lafayette Parish jail in lieu of $312,500 bond, is facing an assortment of criminal charges, which includes aggravated battery, violating a protective order, and burglary.

Sources and more information:

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Another cannibal-like attack has occurred and it took place outside of Florida and Maryland. The Shreveport Times reports that 43-year-old Carl Jacquneaux bit off part of a man’s face during a domestic dispute in Lafayette Parish. Jacquneaux’s alleged victim,Todd Credeur (pictured) says he was working in his yard when he was attacked.

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A violent attack in Scott is eerily similar to a case out of Florida connected to the dangerous drug known as bath salts, according to KATC. The attack in Florida ended when police shot and killed the suspect after he would not stop biting and chewing at another man’s face. Now a similar case has emerged over the weekend in Lafayette Parish.

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