MONSANTO Bill S510/HR2751 BANS Homegrown FOOD Makes Private, Backyard Fruit, Veggie Gardens ILLEGAL!

Under bill S510 which had *ALREADY* passed Senate (which survives as HR2751) in some shady, fishy turbo mode with flying colors, all-American traditions like eating an apple, pear or peach, or whatever from your backyard tree or propagating your own veggies, or sprouting granny’s non-Monsanto heirloom seeds all ILLEGAL.

It makes giving away or selling or trading any of the above with anyone (ie, neighbors) equal to the federal offense of SMUGGLING punishable by fine and/or imprisonment (in addition to poisoning and death).

It also strictly prohibits transfer of approved, purchased food to a third party, so it makes it illegal to give a warm welcome to neighbors with a fruit basket or warm home baked cookies outside of your own residence, or to feed the homeless, all unless you have a resale/charity permit/license to do so.

“S510 PASSED: Food Safety Bill S510 was rushed trough the Senate