Massive Censorship As Media Pushes False Narrative On Mid East Riots

A false corporate media narrative and massive censorship follows globe spanning riots following the murder of the US Ambassador to Libya.

By Alexander Higgins

The riots following the murder of the U.S. ambassador to Libya have now spanned across the globe.

Yet you would be hard pressed to turn on your television and hear anything else beside the false narrative the corporate media is pushing which was clearly outlined in government press releases handed to them by the secret police.

While some may lash out at implying censorship by the secret police an objective look at the TV news reports clearly reveals an echo chamber of strategically outlined talking points.

Indeed the echo chamber’s scripted narrative is often in direct contradiction to numerous reports from credible online corporate news sources.

For starters does every TV news headline refer to riots or unrest in the Middle East when the truth is these riots never even originated in the Middle East and since they broke out in North Africa they have spread across southern Asia and into Europe.

Mass Censorship, False Narrative As Muslim Protests Span The Globe

While this propagandist aspect the censorship campaign may seem trivial to some it is noteworthy to point out because it demonstrates a clear lack of objectivity in among the corporate media news sources.

In the most simplistic of terms the term “Middle East” continues to be used despite the lack of a factual basis for doing so because the years of propaganda have warped the psyche of massive into cognitively associating the term “Middle East” with “terrorists who hate us for our freedom and want to destroy our way of life.”

In the past this has been effective tactic to desensitize public to the war crimes we continue to commit in our illegal perpetual overseas wars.

Simply put the public doesn’t care about said terrorists hence creating a general sense of apathy which drowns out any conscionable objects to those war crimes.

While these wars are being waged simply for imperialistic reasons, such as gain control of global oil supplies, the corporate media instead has us believe our actions overseas are necessary so the safety of the public can be protected from the bogeyman.

Hence the use of the term Middle East to describe what truly is Global unrest is telling once we consider the propagandist aspects of the terms thus revealing the motives behind the pushing of a false scripted narrative to explain the events to the television viewer.

As the unrest spreads into its fourth day the viewer still has not been presented with a single interview with protestors on the ground conducted by the media.

Instead the viewer is simply presented with experts and other talking heads discussing familiar talking points as record video footage is shown to the viewer who is then told what it is they are watching.

To be more correct, the viewer is told what it is the news outlet wants them to believe is happening.

Yet these same viewers will queue up stories from corporate news outlets on the Internet and be presented with an entirely different narrative of the events.

Anyone following the twists and turns in the ever changing narrative presented in media reports must be suffering a from cranial tailspin strong enough to cause subdural hematoma.

The reason for that is as the riots spread from the North African nations of Libya and Egypt and then across the Middle East into Europe and Asia the corporate media has been caught pushing one lie after the next.

As lie after lie is repeatedly debunked the overall context of the false narrative is still being pushed as the media continues to parrot government talking points.

At the same time there is a campaign of mass censorship occurring in an attempt to keep their story from falling apart.

There is coordinate effort underway meant to do little more than convince the public the terrorists hate Americans for their freedoms inline with the overall goal of manufacturing consent for the government to actions the public otherwise simply not accept.

We see repeated reports from long-considered credible news outlets citing high-level government officials and diplomats contradicting the official narrative that the unrest is in response to the move.

With each of those reports the reporters and their news outlets are soon after forced to redact their reports.

News sources that are not part of the inner-cabal of corporations that control the overwhelming majority of the mass media are targeted by forces working behind the shadows to control and censor opposition to the government manufactured false narrative.

Independence Citizen journalists are having their videos removed from sites such as YouTube and Vimeo who are additionally engaging in the blatant censorship of videos put out not only by the public but even by Middle East news organizations.

A story from the Lebanon Free Press stating the U.S. Ambassador to Libya was sodomized by his own Al Qaeda puppets has been censored.

Their video posted to Youtube which was embedded in this story has been removed from YouTube for violating “spam, scams, and commercially deceptive” guidelines.

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