Mysterious Crater/Hole Has Light Coming From It

from Bluebeard2011’s channel. The words & script are from his channel…Although, I did apply a stabilization filter so you can see the hole with more clarity.

“The video I am showing is what looks to be an impact crater, or that of a hole to hollow Earth. You make your own mind up that’s just my opinion Does any one know what it really is.

New developer filtered by wikileaks video shot from a plane where you can see a large hole in the ground never before filmed, you can see a bright light from within.

The video was leaked by a series of documents that talked about the material of personnel authorized to fly over the area where only a few can pass and are under oath not to talk about what is in these places. The video was recorded as unauthorized disclosure.

Some say it is proof of the polar openings to the center of the Earth (and who argue that near the opening there is no ice in many other parts of Antarctica and a small town or military base near to guard the entry of unauthorized personnel). others say it is the mark of a new meteorite impact, malformation, a good trick computer, a giant crater.

ah also discussed the possibility that it is a mine as there are large mines with this aspect on the list of world’s greatest holes. The difference is that this mine would not be documented.