Marine challenges police officer who shot disabled veteran

By Joyce Lupiani

It has been almost six months since disabled Gulf War veteran Stanley Gibson was shot and killed during an incident with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

A Marine is now challenging the officer that shot Gibson to a mixed martial arts fight for charity.

Steve Sanson, who was in the United States Marine Corps, is currently the president of the political action and advocacy group Veterans in Politics.

He came up with the idea for a fight as a way to try and raise money for Gibson’s widow Rondha.

Gibson was shot on December 12, 2011.

Las Vegas police had received a call that a man was attempting to break into an apartment in northwest Las Vegas.

When they responded, they eventually surrounded Gibson as he sat in his car.

When he failed to respond to their commands to exit his vehicle, a plan was developed to force him out by firing a non-lethal bean-bag round into the car and then discharging O.C. spray.

After the bean-bag round was fired, Officer Jesus Arevalo fired into the car several times, killing Gibson.

Action News asked the police department for a comment about Sanson’s challenge but they said that they had no comment.

Action News was unable to reach Gibson’s widow.