MeK De-listing: Washington Openly Embraces Terrorism

Daniel McAdams
The LRC Blog

That the “war on terror” is a sick, manipulative joke cannot be more clearly demonstrated by the decision of the US State Department yesterday to remove the Marxist-Islamist death and murder cultMujahedeen Khalq (MeK), from the US terror list.

As Glenn Greenwald pointed out earlier this year, the MeK is jointly funded and trained by Israeli and US intelligence to carry out murder and mayhem inside Iran against civilian targets. It is the murderous and violent vanguard of the US and Israeli war against Iran. It launders money fromIsrael and the US through US politicians who on one side of their mouths scream about the need to fight terrorism while on the other they accept millions to lobby for one of the most brutal and bizarre terrorist cults on earth.

When these criminal politicians start speaking about the “war against terrorism” spit on your television screen, as they are the terrorists. They are wealthy terrorists who steal your tax dollars to send overseas and recoup to lobby in favor of bloody killers of civilians in Iran.

For more background, please see this excellent piece by my favorite Iran-watchers, Leverett & Leverett.

See this from the Leveretts piece:

“…once the MEK is formally off the FTO list—a legally defined process that will take a few months to play out—Congress will be appropriating money to support the monafeqin as the vanguard of a new American strategy for regime change in Iran. In the 1990s, similar enthusiasm for Ahmad Chalabi and the Iraqi National Congress—who were about as unpopular among Iraqis as the MEK is among Iranians—led to President Clinton’s signing of the Iraq Liberation Act, which paved the way for George W. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq in 2003. The chances for such a scenario to play out with regard to Iran over the next few years—with even more disastrous consequences for America’s strategic and moral standing—got a lot higher today.”