Mass fluoride over-dosing in Ireland demands urgent action

The Irish Medical Times reveals that 70% of adults in the fluoridated Republic are above the medically-safe daily fluoride intake and this is directly due to drinking water being fluoridated. In the UK which is largely un-fluoridated, a sizeable proportion of adults are also above safe levels.

Only in February 2012 the European Commission again warned that the very youngest are at greatest risk with bottle-fed babies receiving 140 times more fluoride than from mother’s milk. Some 30,000 babies this year in the Republic will probably be fed formula made up with fluoridated tap water and still parents here have not been warned of the risks.

Meanwhile in N. Irelandits Health Minister’s proposal to increase general exposure to fluoride (Poot’s Potty Plan to Fluoridate N.I on now looks even more misguided and irrational than when announced last month. Whereas Poot’s potty plan is surely now dead-in-the-water, every day in the South eighty newborn babies are at fluoride risk while Dublin’s negligent health authorities stand idly by.