Message in a film canister washes ashore on the Outer Banks 36 years later

In the late spring of 1983, 11-year-old Rob Stober composed a genuine letter looking for a friend through correspondence, tucked it into a plastic film canister and hurled it off a dock and into the ocean at Ocean Grove, New Jersey.

It was something he’d done each August somewhere in the range of 1980 and 1986 or somewhere in the vicinity, on trips “down the shore” for his birthday.

“Having a friend through correspondence during the 80s was extremely popular, so I figured this would be an extraordinary method to get one,” Stober said.

As a child, he completely expected somebody would discover at any rate one of his messages-in-a-canister, however nobody at any point reacted. He surrendered expectation, and life went on.

On Nov. 23, Colington occupant April Lovin was beachcombing on Pea Island and found a grouping of peculiarities, including five military suppers prepared to-eat and … an old plastic film canister.

“At the point when I opened the canister I found a collapsed pencil-printed controlled scratch pad paper friend through correspondence letter,” Lovin said. “It was a sweet letter with enchanting realities about his life and a solicitation that whenever found to compose back and send an image.”

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