Michael Jackson’s mom reported ‘missing’

By Alan Duke
CNN News

Paris Jackson waited at home Sunday, hoping for a phone call from her grandmother, the woman who has cared for her since her father, Michael Jackson, died three years ago.

“yes, my grandmother is missing,” Paris Jackson, 14, tweeted Sunday morning. “i haven’t spoken with her in a week i want her home now.”

A nephew reported Jackson family matriarch Katherine Jackson, 82, missing late Saturday after her grandchildren were unable to get in touch with her for a week.

It is the latest chapter in a messy dispute between several of Jackson’s children and her advisers over her finances and legal affairs.

Jackson’s nephew, Trent, filed the report with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office. But one of her sons involved in the dispute said in a series of Twitter postings Friday that Katherine Jackson was fine and resting in Arizona.

“I want to reassure everyone (inc all sudden medical experts) that Mother is fine but is resting up in AZ on the orders of a doctor, not us,” Jermaine Jackson tweeted.

“This is our mother and her health is paramount. We are not inventing or plotting anything. We are following doctor’s advice. Period,” he added.

Paris Jackson’s responded to her uncle’s claim with her own tweet early Sunday. “the same doctor that testified on behalf of dr murray saying my father was a drug addict (a lie) is caring for my grandmother… just saying” she tweeted.

The doctor who examined Jackson at her home on July 14 was Dr. Allan Metzger, according to Katherine Jackson attorney Sandra Ribera. Metzger was a defense expert witness for Dr. Conrad Murray last year. Murray was subsequently convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson’s death.

Dr. Metzger was brought into Jackson’s Calabasas, California, home “under false pretenses” by saying he was sent by her primary care physician, Ribera said. “We came to find out that her doctor has no association with Dr. Metzger.”

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Is this the reason why she is missing:

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Katherine Jackson has much more on her plate these days than the ordinary grieving mother. She has been fighting for custody of her grandchildren, struggling to get more control over her late son’s estate, holding a monumental worldwide televised memorial service and a private family service on the same day, being followed by paparazzi everywhere she goes, all the while enduring the grieving process in public in the month since her youngest son’s sudden and suspicious death.

Michael Jackson’s seventy-nine-year-old-mother, Katherine, was interviewed on Sunday via phone by Geraldo Rivera on FOX News Channel. In her first interview since her son’s death on June 25th, Katherine Jackson said “It’s like it happened yesterday. It’s been very hard for me.”

What About Joe?

Rivera pressed her on reports that her husband, Joe, was banned from the Jackson family home in Encino, California. She said that was “absolutely” false, that there was no truth to what was being said about her husband in the press and said called such reports, “all this kind of crap.” She defended him by saying, “My husband’s done nothing of the sort that they said he did thirty-nine-years ago. I just believe it’s something they cooked-up.” She indignantly asserted that Joe is a good grandfather. “The children will tell you that he is,” she said.

It was well-known that Michael Jackson had a strained relationship with his father. In 2003, he told Martin Bashir that he had been terrified of his father as a child, that Joe Jackson would storm into his bedroom and beat him. Joe Jackson has denied this, but there had been speculation that Michael Jackson’s ex-wife and mother of his two older children, Prince and Paris, had been threatening to sue for custody unless Joe Jackson was kept away from the children. Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe have worked out an agreement which will be presented in a custody hearing today. (Katherine is to get full custody and Rowe will get supervised visitation. Any agreement regarding contact with the children’s grandfather has not been made public.)

Says Michael Did Not Die of Natural Causes

When Rivera asked Mrs. Jackson about Dr. Conrad Murray “taking the fall for everything that happened,” she responded by saying, ” All I know is that my son is dead and I don’t think he died of just natural causes… he’s too young for that but something happened. I don’t know what it was and I can’t say.”

As far as the grandchildren, she said that “they are fine. They’re having fun with their cousins.” Regarding custody, she said that she was glad that the children will be with her because, “It’s what Michael wanted.”

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