Muslim Kills his German girlfriend because she refused to convert to Islam

AN ILLEGAL immigrant, 30, has received life imprisonment for killing his 17-year-old German girlfriend “because she refused to convert to Islam”.

Identified as Ahmad S. due to privacy reasons, the Afghan was found guilty of murder by the district court of Flensburg in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

The man turned out to be 11 years older than he claimed during his trial. His ex, identified only by her first name Mireille, was stabbed 14 times in her flat, after she ended their relationship.

The court heard that the Afghan migrant was jealous she had found a new boyfriend, and hated that he could no longer control every aspect of her life.

Yet Ahmad S. denied the murder and claimed that someone else must have committed the crime.

He arrived in Germany in 2015 as an unaccompanied minor refugee and filed for asylum – which was rejected. Ahmad S. claimed that he is currently 18 years old, but the court had doubts and ordered an age test.

Forensic expert Sabine Gumpert testified at the start of the trial that Ahmad S. was at least 21 years old and that her examination strongly suggested he could even be 29 years old.

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