Mexican Military Helicopter Spotted in American Airspace!

8C8564BB82E42FBF646308997D3DD402_210_117CHANNEL 5 NEWS on Friday documented a possible Mexican military helicopter incursion into the United States. The helicopter was spotted touching down in the area of a federal wildlife park south of Penitas. The area is off-limits to the public.

External features on the rotorcraft confirm that it does not belong to any American law enforcement agency. “There’s a clear demarcation into what is Texas and what is Mexico … that is the Rio Grande,” Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw said during a 2010 interview.

McCraw said in that interview he would not tolerate Mexican aircraft entering U.S. airspace without permission. CHANNEL 5 NEWS called four federal agencies and two state agencies to find out who approved Friday’s incursion. Only one federal agent confirmed that Mexican military was conducting training drills in the area.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS called the Mexican military to find out about the incident. Officials with the Mexican government said they could not comment or confirm any training or operations in the area.

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