The MATRIX of 188 – LEY LINES of the 188 DAY Mega-Quake Cycle Discovered

This MAP above is from the VIDEO about the bizarre 188 day Mega Quake PATTERN which clearly reveals near perfectly Symmetrical LEY LINES formed by the LOCATIONS of the last FOUR Mega Quakes IN A ROW. And what makes the diagram and “theory” so unique is that these quakes aren’t just everyday quakes that have HIT exact points on these ley lines,,, they’ve ALL been MAJOR & HISTORIC QUAKES!

So when you start analyzing the PATTERN of the 188 cycle, it not only REPEATS far longer than the last FOUR MEGA QUAKES, but claims this CYCLE has continued ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE 1800’s.

In FACT, whats even more amazing is the FAMOUS NEW MADRID Mega Quake of 1811 & 1812 was one of the quakes that occurred on this 188 cycle!!! Wow!

As if that wasn’t astounding in of itself, this pattern and cycle apparently continues for as long as there’s a measurement of QUAKES! Or in other words, if your brain can fathom the concept and implications; the cycle supposedly continues throughout recorded history! WTF?

Even the 2004 SUMATRA 9.5 Mega Quake occurred connected to this pattern as well!

The video also claims at least 47 Major to Mega Quakes can be associated/correlated to hitting on almost the exact dates of the cycle from 1959 to 2009.

But it gets more bizarre because this MAP shows POINTS of Intersection that these ley lines show which RUN THROUGH the Middle of the United States and WORSE, the LINE goes right through NYC, WASHINGTON DC, DENVER, NEW MADRID SAN FRANCISCO etc etc…

and even crazier… That LINE is not only the LINE that came from JAPAN from the 3/11 Mega 9.1 quake, but that LINE is ON almost THE exact SAME EXACT LATITUDE of the US Cities above!