Who Really Monitors Your Internet Activity?

We all know that our Internet searches and history are monitored by advertising and other companies which happily give over the information to law enforcement agencies… Theses companies pretty much “sell” this data to them but this is what these companies are in business for not advertising on websites. It’s a FRONT..We all know about the stories where people post “terroristic things” on Twitter and Facebook, then this individual gets visited by the FBI and is questioned. So Big Brother is watching you! You are being watche and listened to; No matter if your on the phone or the computer. ECHELON is a system that monitors all communications in the United States… It’s pretty interesting how many companies are tracking you on the popular websites. I know my website has Adsense and Analytics but that is for my reference only…

To download this plugin you can go to their website HERE..It’s called Ghostery and you can even disable some of these trackers… So below I’m going to include some popular websites and show you the different trackers which are “spying” on you! You can try it out for your self by downloading this plugin and going to your favorite sites…

Ghostery results for the CNN.com

Ghostery results for the FOXNews.com

Ghostery results for the Youtube.com

These are only a few sites that I included above but like I said you can download this for your browser… There a lot of different “trackers’ but Ill include some more information about each company… Their disclaimers and their terms are nothing but lies! They say that they don’t link you to your personal information with third parties but that is a total lie!

1. Quantcast

Quantcast is a new breed of audience service, focused on helping buyers and sellers quantify the real-time characteristics of digital media consumers against which they can activate addressable advertising solutions. Quantcast provides publishers, marketers and agencies unmatched capabilities to measure, organize, discover and transact based on directly-measured traffic and inferred audience data

What kind of information do they collect?

Information sent by your browser such as your computer’s IP address, pixel code, referring HTTP location, current HTTP location, search string, time of the access, browser’s time, any searches made on the applicable website, and other statistics. We also collect Log Data each time you visit third-party websites serving content that has been tagged by Quantcast Clients with Quantcast Tags. We analyze Log Data from different websites and combine it with other non Personally Identifiable Information to produce the Reports that are made available on the Quantcast.com Site, to enable web publishers and advertisers to deliver audience segments that are appropriate for their products or services. This combined data is also used by us and our partners to serve you content,advertisements, and other information tailored to your interests.

They also have a disclaimer that they do not try to link you to your personal data

We do not link Log Data to any other Personally Identifiable Information about you or otherwise attempt to discover your identity. We make efforts to require our Quantcast Clients to ensure that any such third party website post adequate privacy policies and otherwise protect the privacy rights of their visitors. Check the privacy policies of websites tagged with Quantcast Tags for information regarding the applicable privacy practices.

Who will Quantcast share your information with?

We may share the following information with third parties, including, but not limited to, vendors that support the operation of our Services and entities involved in the delivery of advertisements: Log Data collected on both the Quantcast.com Site and third party websites tagged with Quantcast Tags (as described in the Log Data section above), as well as aggregated anonymized information resulting from the analysis of such Log Data for a variety of purposes, including, but not limited to, conducting industry, traffic and demographic analysis, and enabling web publishers to deliver to advertisers audience segments that are appropriate for their products or services.

2. DoubleClick

Is a company run by Google it’s pretty much the same as Quantcast but their sharing policy which is below.. They record your IP Address and other information to provide you with the “best” advertising…..

We have a good faith belief that access, use, preservation or disclosure of such information is reasonably necessary to (a) satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request, (b) enforce applicable Terms of Service, including investigation of potential violations thereof, (c) detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues, or (d) protect against harm to the rights, property or safety of Google, its users or the public as required or permitted by law.

3. Revenue Science

AudienceScience offers the most powerful and flexible targeting platform for digital media worldwide and their leading behavioral targeting platform collects and measures people’s interests and intent through their Web behaviors.

Web Beacons Web sites and web pages contain links to other web sites. These might be links to images, videos, other web pages, ads or other types of content. We collect data from web sites that place a link to our web servers on their web site. We call this link a beacon. (They are also known as an action tag, clear gif or tracking pixel). A beacon is designed to allow the site owner or a third party to monitor or collect information about a site visitor. The type of information collected might include the IP address of the computer, the web page being viewed, the date/time it was viewed, and user activity on the page. We may use the IP address to infer information, such as geolocation. We do not use the IP address to identify users. We do not collect PII.

4. BlueKai

They just collect data to SELL to people.. So they are in it for only money and sharing/mining your personal data….

By aggregating valuable shopping and research behaviors across the Internet, BlueKai is building the world’s largest database of intentions. The BlueKai Data Exchange enables partners to buy and own data to boost ad targeting across any media. Publishers can also participate as data sellers to increase revenue in a privacy friendly way

We are aware of the sensitivity of certain types of Preference Data. We do not create or share any segments that reflect Preference Data that we consider sensitive. While the types of Preference Data that may be considered sensitive may vary among users, we presently treat Preference Data as sensitive if it includes data reflecting a user having any medical or health condition; certain aspects of a user’s personal life or financial situation; or use of, or interest in, gambling, alcoholic beverages, or “adult” products or services. We may update from time to time the types of Preference Data that we consider sensitive.

We may share Preference Data with third-party service providers (e.g., data storage and processing facilities) in order for those service providers to perform business functions for us or on our behalf. We may also disclose Preference Data if we believe that we have a legal obligation to do so. In addition, information in our possession or control, including Preference Data, may be disclosed in connection with any merger, acquisition, debt financing, sale of company assets, or other business transaction in which data could be transferred to third parties as one of our business assets.

Companies are tracking your movements on the web.. They are either keeping it for their reference or selling it to other companies to do what ever they want with it.. That could be governments or some other websites.. Now that’s pretty scary.. I don’t like people knowing about me or what I do.. Just be aware, I’m sharing this info so people know what is going on “behind” the website..