Member of Rothschild Family buys Grammy nomination

Last night, I watched the “EDM Snob’s” interview with Al Walser, who was nominated for “Best Dance Music Recording” against names like Skrillex and Swedish House Mafia. Of course, the kandi community was all up in arms about how the Grammys had dropped the ball, how they were out of touch, how they were making a mockery of the EDM world. Although I agreed with them, everyone missed the boat.

The “EDM Snob” was busy listening to himself talk while the guy was pontificating about what was good and bad for the “genre.” Give me a blog break. They blew the interview. They didn’t even bother to do their homework. If they had, they would had discovered that Al Walser is really Alexander Walser-Rothschild, the “Goodwill Ambassador” of Liechtenstein. He also happens to conveniently be a member of the the Rothschild family. It’s apparent they don’t know how to use the google.

Here’s what I found on Alexander’s “fan” blog obviously written by him:

Alright. He’s a member of the Rothschild family. He’s from Lichenstein. He’s bi-racial. He speaks German. Ich spreche Deutsch. He’s a radio personality. He’s from some unknown band that was a moderate success in Europe. We’ve got it. It gets worse though, as Al interviews himself about how rich he is:

I could go on and on about this guy’s exploits; pulling up in a Lamborghini at an empty night club, paying peo ple to follow him around with cameras, being pictured with the Jackson family, wearing a spacesuit with his name on it. It’s all on his Youtube account, and it’s embarrassing. Side note: For a definitive guide about the man, read Spice’s column here: [Link]

Look, I’m no rocket scientist. It’s clear though, that Al Walser-Rothschild’s Grammy nomination was achieved through the following factors:

1. His family name.

2. His special Grammy “voting member” status and access to voting members. 

4. His spam on the Grammy 365 site. 

3. The Grammy committee’s general lack of EDM knowledge.

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