More Reasons to Not Vote

Butler Shaffer

To the collection of quotations that have been blogged herein about not participating in voting for the warden of your penitentiary, let me add the following:

From H.L. Mencken: “Tomorrow the dirty job. I shall be on my knees all night, praying for strength to vote for Gamaliel [Harding]. What ass first loosed the doctrine that the suffrage is a high boon and voting a noble privilege?”

And this, from Henry Miller: “If someone asks you to vote for him at the next election, ask him, I beg you, what he can do for you that you cannot do yourself.  Ask him whom he is voting for. If he tells you the truth, then go to the polls and vote for yourself. . . . Does the man who asks for your vote find you your job, does he provide your family with food and shelter, does he put clothes on your back, does he provide the education you need . . . does he even bother to see that you get a decent burial? The only time he is concerned about you is when you can make money for him. No matter how little you make he wants part of it. . . . From childhood you were taught that it is right and just to delegate your powers to someone else. You never questioned it because everything you are taught in school has one purpose: the glorification of your country. Somehow, though it is your country, you seem to have no part in it until the time comes to surrender your life.”

And if these words do not suffice, consider those offered by an anonymous elderly woman who said: “I never vote: it only encourages them!”